The Scratch Custom Claims Provider

Frequently, I find it useful to have a common starting point – what Raymond Chen describes as a “scratch program” (or a new scratch program, for those update-minded types). Within SharePoint, things are never that simple – a scratch SharePoint solution is an empty whiteboard, for better or for worse. There are plenty of extensibility…

How often will FillClaimsForEntity in my Custom Claims Provider be called?

This was the question I posed to a colleague this morning. His answer surprised me – “Every time you authenticate.” Before we move on, let’s just call this foreshadowing. Problem is, this statement was at odds with the behavior that I, and many of you, were seeing/have seen. It just didn’t seem to be true….


Trusted Identity Providers & User Profile Synchronization

Recently, a few people have been trying to figure out how to get user profile synchronization working when doing claims authentication via a trusted identity provider, as is the case in many federation scenarios involving ADFS, for instance. I’ve heard of people writing one-off jobs that iterate over their profile store updating the Account Name…


Multiple Authentication Providers in SharePoint 2010, Part II

The folks over at Orbit One Internet Solutions took my blog posting regarding automatic selection of authentication providers in SharePoint 2010 and really ran with it. They’ve posted what looks to be a fine solution adding and extending all the things that I pointed out would be needed in order to turn my original sample…