I Didn't Even Know That That's What That Was

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1105 NPR had a great story on Morning Edition about the history of the Vocoder. A new book has been written that describes its origin, it’s eventual adaptation into a musical instrument, and it’s current use, influence, and overall legacy. I was fascinated – I didn’t even know that that’s what that sound was.


How to annoy your audience

Things to not do during a presentation: If you are using a web conferencing/presentation tool that supports the upload and display of PowerPoint decks, take advantage of it. Your end users will get a signifigantly better experience than you just sharing your desktop and running PowerPoint on it. Most of these tools understand and can…


Why User Testing Is So Important

I recently placed an order with a company for something my wife and I had been discussing quite a bit. We were quite excited to finally order this particular item. I was duly impressed when, about an hour after I placed my order, I actually received an automated phone call from the company informing me…


My Favorite Interview Question

I’ve given plenty of interviews in my day. Almost all of them have been for highly technical positions; typically software development. Of all the interview questions I’ve ever asked, this one is my absolute favorite:  “Write a function that can take the derivative of a single variable polynomial of any order. Perform this operation using…


You Never Know What You Don't

I was once asked by a colleage at a previous employer what skills would be required to implement and maintain a piece of software we sold. After thinking about this a bit, I wrote back with three points: Software Development Experience Motivation Interest The answer I received in reply isn’t fit to print. A well…