SharePoint 2007 Content Deployment & IIS 7.0

By default, IIS 7.0 limits the maximum size of any request. Those of you who have implemented SharePoint 2007 on Windows 2008 are very familiar with this; specifically, modifications must be made to the web.config for your provisioned web applications setting maxAllowedContentLength to an appropriate value (the default is typically way too small). This is described…


Small But Wonderful

ASP.NET 4.0 includes a new member on the HttpResponse class – RedirectPermanent. Baked in support for issuing HTTP 301’s? Yay!


Funtastic: disk2vhd

Have you ever gotten your system to a state that you absolutely love – all your apps and utilities loaded, Visual Studio instaled, etc. – and find that you need to load Potentially Deadly Beta Software v0.8? Have you ever cringed at the thought that loading such software runs the risk of screwing up hours…


SharePoint 2010 and Kernel Mode Authentication

When IIS 7.0 shipped with Windows Server 2008, one of the many new features included this new doodad called Kernel Mode Authentication. Enabled by default, KMA moved authentication operations performed by IIS out of user mode and into the kernel. This had tremendous performance benefits! Additionally, when KMA was enabled, IIS no longer used the…


Trivia: Shared Service Providers

Every SSP that is created in a farm is represented to the world by a virtual directory configured beneath the Office Server Web Services web application that’s configured on every node within a SharePoint farm. The Office Server Web Services web application is associated to the OfficeServerApplicationPool. If you popped open IIS Manager, you’d probably note that the…


The Beta Zone

I like things that break. I like new things. In the world of software, new things, also known as beta things, tend to break quite often, which made me and my Windows Home Server backups a little too familiar with each other. Enter Windows 7 and Boot from VHD. Now granted, I could’ve always dual…


Why User Testing Is So Important

I recently placed an order with a company for something my wife and I had been discussing quite a bit. We were quite excited to finally order this particular item. I was duly impressed when, about an hour after I placed my order, I actually received an automated phone call from the company informing me…


My Favorite Interview Question

I’ve given plenty of interviews in my day. Almost all of them have been for highly technical positions; typically software development. Of all the interview questions I’ve ever asked, this one is my absolute favorite:  “Write a function that can take the derivative of a single variable polynomial of any order. Perform this operation using…


You Never Know What You Don’t

I was once asked by a colleage at a previous employer what skills would be required to implement and maintain a piece of software we sold. After thinking about this a bit, I wrote back with three points: Software Development Experience Motivation Interest The answer I received in reply isn’t fit to print. A well…


Self-Policing of Content

One of the most common questions I hear from Human Resources folks surounds content management of My Sites and Team Sites. Specifically, managing innapropriate content. There are lots of things in SharePoint that can help restrict people from doing things – security, workflow, blocked file types, and more – but it becomes a bit unclear…