Project and Project Server November 2016 Updates released

Thanks Suzanne for posting the November Public Updates blog for Project and Project Server 2010, 2013 and 2016 -


My favourite fix?  Probably the Project Server 2016 fix that means you can now apply updates in a reasonably short time – rather than the many hours that it could take with the September and October fixes.

Comments (2)

  1. Ian Bruckner says:

    That’s your favorite fix? I think I found a better one… the declaration of “the end of time” as made in the description of the update for Project 2013: December 31, 2149.

    “When you level a project on a week-by-week basis, Project may freeze. Additionally, when the leveling finally finishes, tasks are scheduled out to the end of time which is December 31, 2149.”

    1. Very good point imbruck2! The ‘end of time’ had been 2049 until the 2013 release – so hopefully Project will keep moving this into the future before we reach it – but not pushing all your work out 100+ years!

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