Project and Project Server July 2016 Public Updates

Thanks to my colleague Suzanne Sylliaasen for posting the details of the July 2016 Project and Project Server updates covering 2010, 2013 and 2016 - 


Another recent posting on the Project Support site is a workaround for an issue in Project Server 2016 where userviews are missing from the pjrep reporting schema. Project Server 2016- Missing some UserViews- Still tracking down root cause on this one, but it appears it can happen when the updates are applied and the configuration wizard executed – as we drop and re-create the views.  In 2016 if you have more than one PWA in a single content database then these views will not be present as we only support accessing the database to report when just a single PWA instance is present per db.  Probably got some bad logic that is miss-detecting this condition.


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