Project Online: Power BI Content Pack now available

There is now a pre-built content pack that you can add to Power BI to make dashboards of your Project Online data.  Theresa Palmer of Power BI team has posted a blog on this at 


Or for an MVP take on this you can review Paul Mather’s blog post at  Another Project MVP, Treb Gatte has also been pretty active with BI topics on his blog -  I’m sure many other MVP’s either have or will be blogging this topic – so apologies if I haven’t mentioned yours.  Hopefully I’ll get time for a Fall roundup of all MVP blogs shortly (what happened to summer???)

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  1. Good one Brian! You made a few happy customers with report pack, I thank MS for this. I indeed blogged over it just right after it was released.…/power-bi-content-pack-fro-project.html

  2. Julian says:

    Hello Brian, thank you for this post! It's really amazing what you can do with Power BI.

    The "normal" Power BI license is included in project online, right? Is it possible that a pwa user with Power Bi license can always access to all project data, or how is the permission model?

    Would be really thankful about a response!

  3. Hi Julian, there is no security trimming on the OData feed based on project permissions – but it is limited to Portfolio Managers permission out of the box – who would normally have access to all projects.

    Best regards,


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