Project Online: Resource Management feature

After a few weeks of experience supporting the Resource Management features of Project Online I decided to post a blog covering some details behind the resource plan migration that happens after activation of the feature.  Part 1 is over on the Project Support blog at  Part 2 will come soon when I’ll cover a few things you can do with your migrated plans once they are resource engagements.

One thing I’ll pull out here is an OData Url that you can use to see just which of your current Resource Plans will get migrated$select=ProjectName, ProjectResourcePlanWork, ProjectModifiedDate


Any where the ProjectResourcePlanWork is 0 will not come across – and also check the modified date to be sure you not only have published resource plans, but recently published resource plans.

I’ll also be touching on this topic at my session in the Virtual Project Conference – today, October 22nd at 4pm PST.  Looks like the popularity (of the conference – not my session) has closed registration right now – but I understand all the sessions are recorded so you can watch later if you don't get to see it live.

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  1. Rob Helm says:

    Hi, Brian:
    Now that SQL Server 2017 is out, is it supported with Project Server 2016? Will that have to wait for a Cumulative Update or Public Update of some kind?
    In general: Can we count on Project Server 2016 always being supported on supported platform versions (Windows Server and SQL Server) for SharePoint Server 2016? SharePoint Server 2016 is apparently supported with SQL Server 2017.
    Thanks for any help with this,

    1. Good question Rob – and as Project Server 2016 is in the same ‘box’ as SharePoint Server 2016 then I’d certainly take that as a ‘supported’ signal, and I’ll see if I can get our documentation updated to match the SharePoint docs. In general we will certify at launch against the current release of SQL Server, and will add support for major releases that come out before we next release. So we will not be likely to add support for SQL Server 2016 or SQL Server 2017 to SharePoint Server 2013 and Project Server 2013. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work – just that a full certification has not been carried out by the product team. The only time you might need to wait for a update is if the installation check limits the version in some way, and I’m not aware that is the case here.
      As far as I am aware we haven’t announced support for the SQL Server 2017 on Linux – but listening to the SQL team talk it sounds like that should be any different as far as the application is concerned. I’m thinking of trying it – just because…
      Best regards,

      1. Rob Helm says:

        Thanks for the quick response, Brian, I appreciate it!

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