Project and Project Server 2013 September Updates Out

Better late than never – just realized I hadn’t done my usual cross post of the Public Update announcement for Project and Project Server 2010 and 2013 that came out last week. The timing of this post is good though – as now the delayed uber packages have also been released! I’ll get the original posting updated shortly too.

*** Update - the link would be useful to the full post... ***


We don’t normally talk about upcoming updates but I am very hopeful that come October 13th ‘Check in pending’ may become a thing of the past.  Watch this space!

Comments (2)

  1. CarldTPG says:

    Hi Brian

    We are seeing customer reported issues (not with this patch but some time before) with manually edited baseline data not being saved to the database.  I have tested this and it looks like a problem…/project-server-2013-and-manually.html

    Have you seen anything about this before?

  2. Hi Carl, I wasn't aware of this but does ring a faint bell – checking with my colleagues, but I'd suggest it best to open a case to get attention to this so we can track it.  No charge for cases that are bugs.

    Best regards,


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