Project and Save to SharePoint and other recent blog posts

I posted a blog over on Project Support covering some issues when opening mpp files from SharePoint, and also highlighting some of the differences Project has from its Office cousins – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio – and will follow up with further information on version support and the Sync to SharePoint options.  First post is here and I did make some edits this morning to aid readability – added some headers and captions to the screenshots.  The main points remain the same however.

While I am posting there are also some good new posts from the MVP community (and others) that I thought were worth a shout out:

I usually only search through the MVP posts but Erik van Hurck has posting some good stuff at The Project Corner including a very useful Resources page.  And I’m ot just saying that because this site is on the list!  I’ll keep an eye out for other good project blogs – some of the regulars have been a little quiet lately!

Finally in case you haven’t seen them we do have some support content from my European colleagues:

Hope you enjoy all this great content!  And Happy New Year 2015!


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  1. Erik van Hurck says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog/resource page! Let's make 2015 an awesome year! And who knows maybe I'll be a future MVP :-).

    Erik van Hurck

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