Project 2013 CU page added–and Blog post roundup –

I managed to get the second page of my Cumulative Update project live today – the Cumulative Updates for Microsoft Project 2013 (this covers both Standard and Professional) – now just the 2010 products to go.  That will take me a little longer as there is a bit more history there!  Please be patient.  It is live at Project 2013 Cumulative Updates and there is a link from both the main page and individual blog post pages.


That screenshot also highlight a recent post you might want to read if Firefox is your browser of choice.  You might want to avoid spaces in your Project names -

Other news from around the Project Blogosphere:

Alex Burton gave a good overview of the new Nav Bar and App Launcher - Customising the Nav Bar & App Launcher in Office 365 Sorry the ‘Projects’ link still only takes you to the default …/sites/pwa though.

Nenad introduces some new terms - Crashing and Fast Tracking in MS PROJECT 2013

Looks like the other MVPs are either too busy in the run up to the holiday’s – or have already switched off!  If there are any blogs posts out there from the last few weeks I should be noticing then let me know!


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  1. Derek says:

    Thanks for the info. So after applying the latest round of SharePoint 2013 updates via Windows Update and also applying the latest Project Server 2013 CU, my tasks in my SharePoint tasks lists now have a solid checkbox next to them instead of how they were before with a white checkbox. Now, when I click on the darkly shaded checkbox next to a task, it remains solidly shaded in the dark grey color and does not show a check mark. Very odd. Any ideas?

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