Project Server 2013 August 2014 CU Released–and some corrections

Before posting this cross announcement I did some double checking and found my earlier Project Support post was wrong – there is no requirement for SP1 in the August 2014 Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2013.  I’ve made some updates, but a little more background here.

I was having a ‘senior moment’ and had been expecting a new baseline to SP1 soon and put 2 and 2 together when I saw the small file sizes – and made 5.000001.  Apologies for the confusion.  I hadn’t noticed that the main cause of the high file size of the server packages, the SharePoint coreserver package, is not released and had just seen the smaller oserver and sts packages.  That was why it was quick… 

This raises another point which Stefan Gossner brings up in his post – with no coreserver package this month and no uber packages there isn’t an easy way to be ‘cumulatively’ patched up to August 2014 CU for the whole SharePoint and Project farm.  For Project there isn’t an issue, as all our updates come in a limited set of msp files, and all are released – but for the many components of SharePoint, if there isn’t a release of a specific msp in the Cumulative Update then you may then miss updates for this component that were released last month for example.  Hence Stefan’s guidance to load SP1 and the July 2014 CU before loading the August 2014 CU.  So for just the Project updates it is quick – as usual – but for the full server it doesn’t look like it will be any quicker and probably slower.  Sorry.

There is no Server CU for 2010 this month – just the client, and no server packages either – so worth seeing Stefan’s 2010 post too.

Full announcement details on Microsoft Project Server 2010 and 2013 August 2014 CU Announcement.

Comments (5)

  1. Prasanth says:

    Hi Brian,

    We have EPM 2013 with JUNE 2014 CU for both project server and sharepoint.We prefer both Project Server and Sharepoint to be in synch and at same patch level , as per the details you mentioned above there does not seems to be "Project Server 2013 Server Rollup Package" for both project server and sharepoint with AUGUST 2014 CU and we have to install Project Server 2013 Server Rollup Package for JULY 2014 CU  (…/2882990) before applying individual August CU for Project server 2013 and Sharepoint server 2013 to be in synch, please confirm.



  2. This really comes down to SharePoint Prasanth – you do not need anything from the July update as far as Project is concerned as anything in the July Project update will also be in August.  For SharePoint if they had a release for a fixed component of SharePoint that was not also patched for August then you would indeed need the July patch to be sure everything was up to date.  Comparing the file lists would be one way – sorry I don't have more detail.  Perhaps asking Stefan on his blog may get some specifics about July to August differences.

    Best regards,


  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Brian

    Can I ask a couple of rookie questions? We've just installed Project 2013 server and Ppro13 in our test environment (just the base packages, no SPs). It sounds like SP2 is ok to install for SharePoint and Project Server?

    1 – can we just grab and load SP2 in project without anything older first? (I'll leave the SharePoint side questions to our SharePoint Admin.)

    2 – What version of Project Pro 13 do we install to be in sync with server SP2?

    Also, we are testing Project Pro 13 connecting to our server in a VMWare View Pool environment. It works well except for a couple of things:

    From PWA in the pool, it doesn't recognize Project Pro 13 being installed in the pool only for editing calendars and templates. It launches Proj Pro fine for editing resources so I'm just confused about why it works so well for everything else so far (all schedule work, resource work, etc.) but just doesn't see PPro related to calendars and templates. Any thoughts?

    Thanks as always, for your blog!

  4. Hi Lisa, we have not released SP2 yet.  So SP1 + the September CU would be the latest (September CU blog post coming soon).  There is no hard and fast rule to match the client to the server – but not a bad idea to run them at the same patch level.

    Best regards,


  5. Lisa says:

    DOH, my apologies Brian. Must be Friday brain. Any thoughts on where I could find out more info about using project Server 2013 in a virtual env like VMWare? Thank you again.

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