Project Lite: Without Project Online it is as much use as a chocolate teapot

Hopefully the title got your attention!  The Project Lite license is a great addition to the Office 365 product portfolio and reduces the cost considerably for Project Online customers who have a lot of team members. but it is only of any use if you have Project Online.  I wanted to dispel a couple of myths – if you have a trial Project Online tenant it will NOT stay alive if you just keep one paid Project Lite license.  The Project Web App and the Project Online capabilities are tied to Project Online licenses – so they will get de-provisioned if no Project Online licenses are present.  One way to see this in reverse is that it is theoretically possible to create a new ‘tenant’ with just a single Project Lite license – but this will NOT give any Project Web App site or any ability to create one until a Project Online license is purchased.

I guess if the quality of chocolate is high enough then the chocolate teapot does have a use – just not as a teapot…

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  1. Hi Brian,

    Since Project Lite applies also to Project Server on-prem, can we extrapolate? Meaning is it the same process for PL with on-prem instance?

    In other words, do our customers on-prem also needs to buy at least 1 PO subscripion and X PL subcriptions to use PL on a on-prem instance?

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