Losing Resources in Project Server 2013 and Project Online

I have just made a very important posting over on the Project Support blog at Project Server 2013 and Project Online- What happened to my resources-.  This posting covers a recent bug we discovered with Project Server 2013 an Project Online and now have a fix for.  The symptom of this issue is that you can lose resources from your plan – and they appear as numbers rather than a name and are converted to material resources.  Please take some time to read it if you are using Project Server 2013 or Project Online and have had issues where you saw resources missing from your plans.

*** Update 2/13 - please see Knowledgebase article - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2933444 for published details on this issue - including a detection script and a SQL command to correct a stored procedure to avoid this problem ***

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  1. BrentMorrisRTP says:

    Thank you for the POST

  2. Matthew Mead says:

    We had some early signs in Mid December, but it was not until January that the full force of this major Microsoft bug, hit our projects. Both the Business and IT Teams have spent many, many hours applying patches, correcting projects, etc…. The impact that this has caused our Business, not to mention our reputation is incalculable. The confidence in the system has been severally damaged and our entire global roll-out has been placed on hold. We have now finally implemented the Store Procedure modification to our system, as supplied by Microsoft and corrected all of our projects for the third/fourth time. After reviewing the fix, I am feeling slightly more confident that it should stop this issue from reoccurring. But as a member of the IT Team responsible for maintaining this system. It has deeply affected me personally. Right now, if any one asks me whether to install or upgrade to 2013, I will tell them to wait or look to another more stable platform. We now are embarking on a new journey, rebuilding confidence in the system that may take many more months to come. Our global roll-out is still on hold, pending this cooling down period.

  3. Matthew Mead says:

    When Microsoft give you the patch, ensure you apply it to both the DRAFT and PUB versions of the Store Procedure. Although I am not sure what good it will do, because we still have the issue. Even after spending countless hours fixing all of our projects. Referring to my earlier post; Rebuild user confidence? Rebuild Project Server 2013, if I were you Microsoft. Right now, I wish we never upgraded to 2013.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Matthew – sorry you got hit so hard with this one. I do appreciate this hits confidence hard and not just for your users in the system – but your confidence in Microsoft. I do hope you give us the chance to gain your confidence again. Matthew, you are correct that the fix should be applied to both draft and pub schema. We often have mirrored stored procedures in both schema and the 'pub' version is not actually used – but even so it makes sense to have it 'correct'. Best regards, Brian.

  5. kihop says:

    Is this issue addressed in SP1?

  6. No kihop – it is addressed in the April CU, as mentioned in my SP1 post blogs.msdn.com/…/service-pack-1-arrives-for-project-and-project-server-2013.aspx – "A couple of points to note – if you updated the sproc mentioned in KB 2933444 then you will need to update it again after applying SP1 as we re-write the sprocs (double checking this (thanks Corrie!)) – and if you didn’t – perhaps you should?"

    Best regards,


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