Project Server 2010: Updated June Cumulative Update has been released

I’ve updated the Project Server CU posting for June 2013 over at but thought it also worth a shout out here.  The recommendation is also that anyone who installed the earlier patch in the few days it was available should now install these updated patches.  They have new KB numbers too.  These updates address the issues found with Project Server and timesheet submission as we as some SharePoint issues that caused the withdrawal of the roll-up package and other SharePoint fixes.

Description of the Project Server 2010 cumulative update package (Project server-package): July 10, 2013

Individual Project Server Package (Cumulative – but only the Project Server patches):

Only required if you do not install the Server Rollup.

Description of the Project Server 2010 hotfix package (Pjsrvwfe-x-none.msp): July 10, 2013

Comments (4)

  1. Jim Blain says:

    In the description of Project Server Cumulative update (…/2817538) one fix is described as "Unnecessary user account synchronization occurs and you experience performance issues in Project Web App. For example, you cannot log on the server."

    What constitutes "unnecessary" synchronization? Our nightly synchronization process kicks off a large number of "delete single user" and "Add single user" activities that individually can take 40-90 seconds to complete and therefor fill up the queue for nearly 4 hours. Does this hotfix/cumulative update address that?


  2. It sounds likely that it will Jim.  One example is that the case of a name being different (Brian v brian) would trigger a sync.

    Best regards,


  3. Jean-Baptiste says:


    The TimeSheet problem still occurs with KB 2817530 installation.

  4. Hi Jean-Baptiste, could you elaborate?  We often fix things that have fairly generic error messages – but the fix will be very specific.  Sounds like you are hitting a different issue that we have not yet addressed – best to open a support incident so we can dig deeper.

    Best regards,


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