Project Server: April 2013 CU Announcement–and important information on the March 2013 Public Update

Just posted the April 2013 Cumulative Update announcement for Project and Project Server 2013 and Project and Project Server 2010 on the Project Support blog.  No updates for Project or Project Server 2007 – but I have included the WSS and MOSS updates. *** Update 4/12 - the MOSS server package does actually contain just a Project Server 2007 fix - for the switch around of the previous/next buttons - thanks Adrian for pointing this one out - I'd missed that one. ***

Also an important posting concerning the March 2013 Public Update for Project Server 2013 where you will get an error at the conclusion of the SharePoint Configuration Wizard that ‘Task upgrade has failed with a PostSetupConfigurationTaskException’ and in your upgrade logs you will see EventID ajxnf and errors like ‘WARNING Project Web Instance 'SharePoint - 80:PWA' can only be upgraded once its database 'ProjectWebApp' has been upgraded. ERROR  Cannot upgrade [ProjectSite Name=f959de76-c4e9-4fa7-91a5-d9d9e287714b]. 38c20f9c-fdcc-b07a-f785-09836d46c179.  The resolution is described in the post on the Project Support blog – and requires the April 2013 Cumulative Update for Project Server 2013 – details of which can be found in the April 2013 CU posting mentioned above.

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