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And a new look for this blog – thought it was time for a spring clean (just as some more snow arrives), a new header picture and the new Microsoft logo. 




The latest post on Project Support is titled Project Online- How do I get a copy of my databases- and people who know me will have guessed that the answer is that you don’t.  More info over on the blog.

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  1. carrie strahan says:

    How do I export an MS Project File to xps BUT gather more columns in the export. I tried to do it under Options for Print but it did not traqnsfer to the Export function. help

  2. Always best to ask a question in a related blog post Carrie – or ask in the Project forums at…/project.  Also saying which version will help. As XPS is a print format you will need to prepare what you need in a view and then print it – XPS, like PDF is not really an export format – I appreciate this is confusing when we have it on the export menu…

    Best regards,


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