Project 2010: To save or not to save – saving and undo

In Microsoft Project, both 2007 and 2010, we have multi level undo.  One way this is used by many customers is for what-if work – change things around and see what affect this has on the schedule – then use multi-level undo to get back to the starting scenario.  If you use it in this way then there is another feature of Project you should know about – and avoid:  Auto-Save.  The behavior of undo, auto-save and save is different in Project than other Microsoft applications.  Project clears the undo buffer on save and this is one reason that auto-save is not turned on by default..  If you turn it on then you need to be aware that if the auto-save kicks in then you could lose the opportunity to undo changes.  Some customers like this feature in other Office applications, and use a Group Policy to ensure this is set for all users – and all applications.  This can catch users out who might want to use the multi-level undo as a what-if tool – and if so then you would not want to force this option down to your Project users.  And before you ask – this isn’t a bug – it is just the way Project works.

Comments (3)

  1. m says:

    Clearing the undo buffer after save is an absolutely horrible idea that is anti-pattern to the way undo works almost everywhere else.  The person who developed that feature should be fired.  The UX team that allowed this should also be fired.

  2. m says:

    also, it's probably not your fault Brian, but just a little venting.

  3. No problem m, and Project does have a few more challenges when it comes to undo than some of the other Office applications.  And I think firing is a bit harsh – I guess it was a trade of with other features, but glad we do have some level of undo (we came late to the game).

    Best regards,


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