Project Server 2010: Language Packs

The first set of language packs for Project Server 2010, and SharePoint 2010 and the other family members, have now been posted up to the Download Center at  As for Project Server 2007 there are some that work for SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010, and a few that are not supported by Project Server 2010.  Unsupported just means that you will not get the language you might be expecting – but in the short term you should also avoid these unsupported ones until we fix an issue we found just before RTM.  If you have an unsupported language (Thai and Hindi, from the current – as of 5/12 – list) installed then Project Server will not be able to upgrade a set of Project databases from 2007 to 2010.  If you are already up and running then you shouldn’t have any problems, and the next time you need to upgrade the databases will very likely be when the fix is part of that upgrade (early CU, which will also be rolled up to the Service packs).

The other good news is that they are exe and not iso this time – but all called ServerLanguagePack.exe, so if you are downloading a few you might want to rename.

For the full list of languages supported and not supported, see Overview: Project Server 2010 with SharePoint Server 2010 Architecture.

There will be a full TechNet article on the installation of Language Packs for Project Server 2010 coming in the next few weeks – I will update with a link when it is available.

***Update*** and here is the link .  You should note that although we list Portuguese and Brazilian - the Language pack is actually Portuguese (Brazilian).

***Another Update*** SharePoint have added Basque, Catalan and Galician language packs.  None of these are supported for Project Server, but like the other 'non-supported' ones, they are compatible.

Comments (5)

  1. Ville says:

    When do you expect to have the language pack for us finns available – e.g. Finnish?

  2. I'll find out when the ones that aren't in the first release are coming Ville. Shouldn't be too long…

  3. Benno says:

    In technet it stated as "You cannot change an existing site, site collection, or Web page from one language to another by applying different language-specific site templates." Does this means that we no longer will be able to swap from one language to another, just like we do in project server 2007. I want to make both arabic and english interface can you please help me.

  4. Hi Benno,

    You certainly can switch between languages in a similar way that you could in 2007 (it is driven by Site Settings rather than IE language preferences).  What the TechNet article means is that the site's original language cannot be changed.  For example, if you created a Project Site (called a workspace in 2007) in Arabic then certain content would get provisioned in Arabic and would not change with the Language Pack.  Other text that was included in the language pack would change as you selected to use a different language.  I'll hopefully do a blog posting in the next few weeks to cover this in more detail.

    Best regards,


  5. Andres Arias says:

    Instale el language pack en español para project server 2010 y este tiene como base el idioma ingles….cuando se envian notificaciones a los recursos el mensaje llega en ingles, asi tenga activado el language pack en español….Que puedo hacer para dejar los mensajes en español?

    Install the language pack in Spanish for Project Server 2010 and this is based on the English language …. when notifications are sent to the message arrives resources in English, so has enabled the Spanish language pack on …. I can do to leave messages in Spanish?

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