Project Server 2010: Demo Virtual Machines

A couple of useful references from the other Project blogs: details the SharePoint Server 2010 and the upcoming (soon – if you are reading this on the day of posting) Project Server 2010 installation pack.  Go get the SharePoint main image today – and then Project can just be added as a small download.  Get you HyperV hosting machine ready today.

To help you understand the installation process of this Virtual Image please attend (or review the on-demand recording after the event) tomorrow -

The installation of SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010 is reasonably straightforward – thanks to the Pre-Requisites installer – but these demonstration Virtual Machines give you an even easier introduction to the 2010 Server family.

Comments (3)

  1. Amgad Deeb says:

    I had download this VM but can't have it running, Network Services is not working so SQL and Sharepoint is not working

    Anybody can help

  2. Joe Bailey says:

    I downloaded the Demo virtual A  image file,  and it would not import, I got a server error. I have set up the server as a workgroup server, all I wnt to do is demo project server and sharepoint.

    Can anybody help on this..

  3. Hi Joe, have you posted the question to Christophe too?  The download link was from his blog – he may be more familar with the download images and the problem you are seeing.

    Best regards,


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