Project Server 2010: New TechNet and MSDN Resources – and 2010 Forums!

I don’t usually steal all of Christophe’s blog postings but this one is worth it.  Mostly planning content at the moment – but expect a ton more as we go through November and the Beta release.  Certainly worth bookmarking for future reference.  And if I get time I will be hanging out on the forums, along with my European colleague Alex.  See you there!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following Microsoft Project 2010 technical resources, save these bookmarks!

TechNet Project 2010 TechCenter

At the following areas are covered for IT Professionals:

MSDN Project 2010 Developer Center

At developers will find a growing list of resources including Project 2010 Beta Software Development Kit (SDK) as we move closer to Project 2010 Beta in November.

Project 2010 Forums

Get all of your Project 2010 end-user, IT Professional and Developer questions answered by product experts from Microsoft and the community (Project MVPs):

Please note this is the first milestone of a journey, new content will continuously flow to these sites.

Comments (4)

  1. ProjectServerProgrammingNeed says:

    mentioned forums are broken links. I really need to post some urgent questions like how to get custom field information in ProjectCreating or Project Created event handleer. It only gives GUIDs of the custom fields. How to get the Associated Project workspace URL in Project creating or created event handler?

  2. The forum links appear to beworking now.

    Not sure if you managed to get on the forums – but in the ProjectCreating event there may not even be a Project Workspace URL as they get created when first publishing the plan.  It will be in the Project dataset once it exists – ProjectDataSet..::..ProjectRow..::..WPROJ_STS_SUBWEB_NAME or if you can assume it will get created at the default location you could use the WSSInterop methods to get the server name and use the Project name as the rest of the URL.

    Best regards,


  3. Shyam Koppikar says:

    Very much appreciate your help.

    We created a custom category  with generically defined resources. [One important point of clarification/terminology; we created regular work resources that are titled generically (Desktop Support, DB Manager Etc.) BECAUSE we want to specify a default assignment owner (not available with true generic resources) in order to trigger a notification to the default assignment owner that they need to assign the task to one of their employees. In our case the assignment owners are Project managers].

    Here is the problem situation.

    Project Manager 1 (say, PM1) assigns tasks to specific employees that report to him and to various generic resources from the team that PM1 built for the project.  Some of the generic resources report to Project Manager 2 (say, PM2). PM 1 notifies to PM 2.

    PM 2 (who is the owner of these generic resource and, therefore), is responsible to assign tasks only to specific employees under his supervision.  For this, PM2 identifies his/her specific employees based generically titled resources and re-assigns the tasks to them.  But Project Manager 2 is also able to re-assign the tasks to any specific employee on the project team that PM 1 built, including those that report to PM1.

    We want Project manager 2 to be able to re-assign only to his direct reports.

    How do we set up permissions/filters to achieve this?

  4. Hy Shyam – the point of this posting is to get people to use the right place to ask such questions – which would be the forums.  Someone on the forums will be able to advise how to best address this scenario.

    Best regards,


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