Project Server 2007: Running SSRS add-in for SharePoint without breaking your cube build

This is an issue that has been around for a while – the different versions of the SQL components between the SSRS add-in for SharePoint and the Analysis Services requirements for cube building caused a catch-22.  Thanks to Bart for finding a resolution to this - install the Management Objects Collection component of the SQL 2005 SP3 CU5 patch (KB 972511).

Some more words to describe the problem and help Bing find this resolution for you:

Issue Description:

- When you install Reporting Services 2008 in SharePoint integration mode and you install the rsSharePoint.exe component on the application server, then the OLAP generation fails because of the Management Objects Collection 2005 that is of the wrong version.

Problem is:

- You cannot install the Management Objects Collection 2005 from the December 2008 feature pack (error: a higher version is already installed)

- You cannot un-install the "higher version" because it is integral part of the rsSharePoint.exe package

The issue is described in KB 972694

Hope this helps resolve this long running issue.

Comments (1)

  1. Gabriel says:


    Could you clarify the order of the steps for getting SSRS2008 to play nicely with CBS on the same machine.

    Do you still install the December XMO update, and then upgrade using CU5, then install the add-in?  Or is it only the CU5 XMO components that are installed, then the SharePoint add-in?

    Is the CU 5 XMO component applied after the documented steps are completed, or does CU5 XMO component replace the Dec 2008 Feature pack Management Objects Collection.

    The current process we follow for installation is as follows (and which breaks CBS):

    Install the following packages from the December 2008 SQL 2005 Feature Pack

    SQL Server Native Client

    SQL Server 2005 Management Objects Collection

    SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components

    Then install the SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Add-in released in April 2009 (Version: 10.00.2531.00)

    Do we apply the entire CU5 or only the XMO component?

    If we apply CU5 on the app server with the CBS, do we also need to apply the update to the database server that is hosting the analysis services cube and the MOSS/MOPS databases?

    Much appreciated.

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