Project Server 2007 and the August CU for WSS

You may have already heard of an issue with the August CU for WSS and potentially problems when re-attaching content databases after application of this cumulative update.  It is documented on Stefan Goßner’s blog at

One comment on Stefan’s blog asks about Project Server databases, so I added a comment there (which isn’t live at the time I write this) and will repeat for reference here.

The Project Server 2007 (or 2010) databases are not content databases and there isn’t really the same concept of “attaching” them as there is for WSS (or MOSS or SharePoint 2010) Content databases.  We do use the term DB attach for Project, and you will hear this more for 2010 and it usually refers to restoring the 4 Project Server databases and provisioning a new PWA site.  This process will upgrade the Project Server databases to the latest schema installed on the farm, in the same way that PSConfig (the SharePoint Configuration Wizard) will update the schema as one of the steps after applying a Service Pack or Cumulative Update.  You should never detach the Project Server databases during the application of an update (I understand this can be a common practice with very large WSS Content databases).

And the good news for Project Server 2010 is that we will support a 5 DB Attach process where you can move the content DB and the 4 Project Server DBs between farms and provision a new PWA - WITHOUT LOSING YOUR WORKSPACES and without the need for stsadm exports and imports.  This is very cool!  More on this later – but thought I’d drop it in as it relates to the topic.

Comments (3)

  1. Nico Oosthuysen says:

    The news regarding 2010 is FANTASTIC.  Its someething that has been a pet hate for me in 2007 since day 1, and I am very glad you guys managed to fix that!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Brian,

    Looks like the KB article for the WSS August CU has been taken down, any idea when it will be back?



  3. Martin Winzig says:

    Hi Brian,

    In Stefan article, 2 scenarios were mentioned,

    1st database schema isn’t upgraded when you attach the database, (MPS schema is upgraded)

    2nd database schema isn’t upgraded when the database is restored from lower CU version. I think that MPS schema of MPS database should be updatated the same was as schema WSS content database.

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