Demo Cowboys: Two (or more) nations divided by a common language

Doug and Christophe collaborated on this great video BE A DEMO MASTER – HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE RECOMMENDATIONS NOW AND BEYOND which will really help those of you who either demonstrate Project Server to potential customers – or just need a convenient platform to configure or develop against Project Server.  The cowboy in the picture may well be known to you – and if you come to the Project Conference in Phoenix he may well be dressed in the same gear.

So why the title to this blog?  I am from England, and now live in Seattle, and many words haven’t made the same journey intact.  Obvious spellings like color/colour aren’t too difficult – but some words are just different (elevator/lift) – and yet others have different meanings for the same word.  One that can catch the Brits at Microsoft out is “to table and idea”.  In England this gets something on to the agenda – in the US it takes it off!  So what about cowboys?  I don’t have to explain that cowboys are very well regarded in the US (even French ones!) – but in the UK??  I turn to the Oxford English Dictionary and definition 3.e, which I am afraid is probably still the first thing that springs to mind when I hear the term.

A person without qualifications who competes against established traders or operators, providing shoddy goods or services usu. at low (or inflated) prices; one who is recklessly unscrupulous in business. Freq. attrib. slang.

I think this explains why Doug didn’t wear the Cowboy outfit… but it could be the right definition if your demo equipment isn’t up to spec!

Doug prefers this definition:

Strong, lightweight and wiry men who were persevering and loyal defined a new American spirit of freedom and independence. Mothers shared great pride in seeing their sons grow up to be cowboys.

Which cowboy/cowgirl are you?  See you in Phoenix!

Comments (3)

  1. JohnB says:

    typo alert:  "table and idea" s/b "table an idea".

    Spelling differences:  gaol, tyre, kerb.

    Word differences:  boot, bonnet,

    Cultural differences:  CAMRA vs. Bud Lite

  2. Thanks John for the correction.  There is some good local beer here too – and Seattle apparently has the highest density of breweries outside Belgium, but I do find myself mostly drinking European bottled stuff :).

  3. JohnB says:

    "There is some good local beer here too"

    As I, too, discovered on a visit to Seattle several years ago.  

    For the sake of accuracy, though, I merely compared CAMRA and Bud Lite.   I didn’t compare UK beers and US beers since, as any visitor to the UK will tell you, there are several quite horrible UK brews, too!

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