Project Server 2007: Office System June 2009 Cumulative Update is now available

It is June the umptieth and the June Cumulative Update packages for Office Suite and Office Servers (including Project Server 2007) are now available.  Some of the KB articles are still on their way through the system so some of the links below may not work just yet.  The overall KB pointing to all the Office client and server KBs can be found at

So here are the links applicable to Project and Project Server:

Title KB Number KB URL Download URL
Individual Product Packages      
Project 2007 hotfix package (Project.msp): June 30, 2009 971501
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Cumulative Update Server Hotfix Package (Sts.msp): June 30, 2009 970946
Project Server 2007 hotfix package (Pjsrvapp.msp, Pjsrvwfe.msp): July 15, 2009 971502
Server Rollup Packages      
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Cumulative Update Server Hotfix Package (WSS server-package): June 30, 2009 971538
SharePoint Server 2007 Cumulative Update Server Hotfix Package (MOSS server-package): June 30, 2009 971537 (Coming soon!)

Good news here is the first “fix” mentioned on the Project Server KB - The Tracking Method setting on the Task Settings and Displaypage is not applied to proposals or to converted proposals.  This should return the behavior customers had grown to know and like since the Infrastructure Upgrade.

Comments (7)

  1. Lupus74 says:


    the via E-Mail supplied Downloadlink about ““ didnt work.

    I got this Error:

    “The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred”

  2. Hi Lupus74 – this appears to be working for me OK now – hopefully was just a temporary server issue.  Let me know if you still cannot access the link.

    Best regards,


  3. Lupus74 says:

    Hi Brian!

    Everything is all right,now!

    Today i had download all Updates normaly.

    Brian, iam a Administrator of a 1400 Ressources big Project Server 2007 Env. Today we had round about 120 Projects on the Way, there with it nearly 20 Masterplan (Cross Enterprise Projects with a mass on External and Internal Ressources.  I like to share some experience with Project Server by a bigger community!

    Wat is the best Forum for me to share my Experience and use the Experience from the others?

    Thank a lot!  

  4. PJ Mistry says:

    Ref: WSS CU 971538

    Hope you are keeping well.

    There appears to be an additional CU for WSS. Does this need to be applied after 970946? Is this an extension of fixes to the previous CU i.e. 970946?

    I presume both WSS CUs need to be installed prior to MOSS CU.

  5. Tripti says:

    I have four servers running in EPM 2007 farm, two application and two WFE. Only SP1 is installed. How should I proceeed from here means straight away installed june CU or first install Dec CU, then SP@ and then June CU?

  6. Gil says:


    We had an activity, which we have converted (before installing SP2)to a regular project. Users were able to report progress in the time-phased grid. After upgrade to SP2+ JuneCU, Users are not able to input timephased data in My task grid for this project (they can for others). We force all PM to use "Hours of work done per period" method.

    I`m confused: Shouldn`t June CU fix this issue? And if this is our situation, does this mean we havn`t applied the CU correctly?



  7. kanav says:

    If KB971538 hotfix causes a problem when applied to Project Server 2007 SP2 on WSS SP2 , What is the fix ?

    We are facing issues with uploads to the document libraries. Any Suggessions ?

    Thanks in advance.

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