Project Server 2007: Tracking Method Updates since SP2

I posted a short while ago about this topic, but wanted to make clear how you can continue working with time phased tracking for normal projects if you have got used to it since the IU.  Brief re-introduction to the problem for new readers – we introduced a time-phased grid for time entry with the Infrastructure Update, but this opened a back door for time phased entry where the project manager was trying to enforce a different tracking method.  SP2 closed this back door.  So if you have been enjoying this loophole between IU and SP2 then you can continue working in this way with your projects (I’ll come to activity plans and proposals later ***Update***  - the activity plan and proposals behavior is reverted in June 2009 CU by the correct application of settings in PWA, Server Settings, Task Settings and Display – and also Project Professional, Tools, Options, Collaborate.  First the PWA settings.


If you only want to have time phased task entry for all projects then you should also check the “Force” option.  If you want to have time phased for some projects then you can select the default method here as required, and not set the “force” option – and then in Project Professional you can set the option on a project by project basis, on the Collaborate tab under Tools, Options.


If you have set the “force” option on PWA then your Collaborate tab will show these options grayed out – and you will not be able to enter time phased work if either the Percent of work complete or Actual work done and work remaining are the Tracking Method options being “forced”.  In the following case we are forcing Hours of work done per period – so time phased entry will be possible.


Also if you have changed from either the Percent of work complete or Actual work done and work remaining tracking methods to allow time phased entry again, you will need to re-publish all active projects to re-enable the time phased entry.  You might also need to make a project change to convince Project Pro that there is data that does need to be published.

I mentioned Activity Plans and Proposals earlier – and there is no way to change settings currently to get back to the time phased entry that many customers have enjoyed between IU and SP2 – but we have heard you and are hoping to revert the change as it applies to these light weight projects.  More news soon on this one. ***Update***  - the activity plan and proposals behavior is reverted in June 2009 CU

Thanks to Gary and Eric for the prod to get another posting out to add some clarity to these changes and potential workarounds.

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Comments (7)

  1. Marcel Visscher says:

    Hello Brian,

    For several customers we encountered problems in being able to report time in My Tasks per day, although the project and server setting were set to "Track progress per day".

    We managed to solve this by setting the tracking_method directly to "track progress per day" in the projectserver AND projectpublished database by using the following query in SQL Server Management Studio. We had to do this directly in the database because a bug in MS Project is that it does not modify the tracking method in de database as seen on the screen in MS Project.

    (Please take care when directly modifying database tables, make a full backup prior to attempting this solution. Also test this solution in a seperate test environment)

    update msp_projects

    set wproj_tracking_method = 0

    After that we removed all local cache files from the %appdata%/Microsoft/MS Project/Cache folder on the client machine.

    Finally we opened the problem project in MS Project and published it again and that solved the problem.

  2. Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for the feedback. You should never modify the database directly as you can break the functionality of Project Server when values are found in the db that are not expected (such as the settings you change for activity plans and proposals).  If you are doing this for "real" projects then the settings within the products UI should be all you need.  More to come on the "fix" for activity plans and proposals shortly – but please do not use direct SQL on the database as once you do then we cannot support your installation.

    Best regards,


  3. Stefan says:

    Hi Brian,

    We are running at SP2 level, have followed all the steps outlined to do task timephased hour entry on a daily basis. I however cannot get the daily task entry screen to display. Should I try the June CU, other suggestions?

    Thank You

  4. Hi Stefan,

    Which types of projects are these?  For Proposals and Activity Plans we reverted this behavior in the June CU.  And for all projects a re-publish would be necessary to see the changed behavior.

    Best regards,


  5. Stefan says:

    Hi Brian,

    The projects are all normal Proj Pro 2007 created projects…we are not using Proposals and Activities. I suspect it is the same problem that Marcel has reported on a few entries above this blog (He fixed it with a SQL Query). We have re-saved, re-published the projects, even deleted the projects, then saved and published them from scratch



  6. Might be best to log a support call Stefan if the steps in the blog aren’t working for you – even after a publish.  It would be best if we could identify the issue rather than just go behind the scenes and change things.

    Best regards,


  7. Imran Pathan says:

    well i can see that my project server web setting has restricted users to submit their progress through the timesheet only.. but when they submit the progress daily i.e. taks for monday was 7 hrs they did it in 6 hrs and saved the timesheet ( not submitted just saved – submit is for whole period i need daily tracking) so once saved it should reflect on the task for that day that this task was copleted 100% either in PWA project centre or professional i dont see that… how can i get to know daily progress on project after my team member submits the progress by using timesheet on daily basis thats what i have issue with.

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