Windows 7: Great Microsoft Learning Resources

I don’t usually do too many of the me-too type blog postings unless the technology is Project related, like SQL and SharePoint, but I’ve been so impressed with Windows 7 both at work and at home that I am more than happy to share with you this new material from Microsoft Learning!

What’s New in Windows 7 for Consumers (1 Hour)

What’s New in Windows 7 for IT Professionals (2 Hours)

What’s New in Windows 7 for Information Workers (2 Hours)

And if you are interested in more Windows 7 training and skills development information, the Windows 7 Learning Portal is now live as well!

This site is currently showcasing great readiness content, including 7 Silverlight Learning Snacks, free sample chapters from upcoming MS Press Books, Learning Plans, links to clinics/HOLs and more. This page can be found here -


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Comments (2)

  1. danielwh says:

    I loaded win 7 – seems like a great improvement over vista in look, feel, start, and shut down – BUT I am having problems with Project and Excel.

    Excel – when running an auto filter on a sheet with 400 lines – it locks up and then errors out – "stops responding".

    Project – if it is not the first program opened after start up, it looks like it is opening, but errors and says "couldn’t communicate with the …" then shuts the application (opening the program or by opening a specific file"

    3 gig machine with 4 gig of ram – I don’t think it is a resource issue – but it wasn’t happening with vista.

    Any thoughts?

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