New Colo(u)rs and a New Map!

I had a change around over the weekend and moved away from my blatant copy of Keith Comb’s site and got my own identity.  Basically still mostly copied from Keith (thanks Keith) – but with some new colors.  I’ll get around to updating my picture too – perhaps some spring flowers?

Also changed today is the map, as Worldmaps has moved I am moving with them and starting afresh.  For anyone interested in stats for the last 7 months - my most Westerly reader was in Kauai, Hawaii, most Northerly in Boden, Sweden, Easterly in Suva, Fiji and Southerly in Dunedin, New Zealand.  5% of my readers are within 100 miles, and 88% over 1000 miles away!

The location that most confused me was the strong readership in the Isle of Man, which is an Island in the Irish Sea and part of the U.K. It is a big tourism and finance center (motorcycle fans have probably heard of it).  I assumed the Isle was totally populated with project managers – until I realized the .IM internet domain suffix owned by the Isle of Man probably has a life beyond the Irish Sea…

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  1. Match says:

    Looked nice. This blog has been created to share useful information. Thanks and greetings!

  2. James Fraser says:

    Some browser issues with your new scheme…

  3. James Fraser says:

    Oops. Last message went through too quickly.

    You’ve got some browser issues with your new scheme. You’ve probably already heard this, but in Firefox at some resolutions, the body of your message starts below the end of the right column. This might not affect many of your readers?


  4. Hi James,

    Thanks for the feedback.  I must admit I didn’t check it out – but now I will.  Firefox users account for about 20% of my readers according to my stats, and I certainly want to make sure the experience is good for everyone.

    Best regards,


  5. Ben Howard says:

    Dunedin…  what a place that is.  I remember being there years ago, I wonder who is doing EPM there.  No dis-respect to the guys and gals who live there, but it is a small place!  If you’re reading this mr/s dunedin, get in touch and share your EPM stories!

  6. Hi James,

    Adding this comment using Firefox and all should now look good.  I’d extended my left sidebar and this was to the right of my contents left margin.  IE seemed to cope with this, but Firefox dropped it way down the page.  Let me know if you see any other glitches – but thanks for the heads-up – I’ll review in Firefox more regularly.

    Best regards,


  7. Thanks for posting Ben – and yes, it would be great to hear some stories behind the pins on the map.  England looks interesting with the first couple of days hits – Leeds 1, Hull 1 – Oxford 29, London 19… and Douglas IoM 83!

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