Project Pro: Overallocated or not?

Quick webcast today on overallocation, and looking at the calendar and fine level time phasing to see why Project thinks the way it does.

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Shortly after recording this I also discovered that if you have actual work equal to the planned work in the scenario described then it does not show in red as overallocated.  I guess if you managed to work 2 hours in 1 hour then not worth re-planning :).

Comments (4)

  1. Anil says:

    Hi Brian

    Is there any attachment missing?

  2. Hi Anil,

    Firstly you should see the inline Silverlight video player – but I know that the Silverlight streaming service has been down recently – so apologies if this affected you.

    I haven’t attached the wmv as it is on the large size.  Feedback on the usefullness of links to downloadable video files always welcome.

    Best regards,


  3. LenL says:

    Fer gawds sake, STOP going tsk nearly every time you start a sentence.

  4. Sorry LenL – and you only hear the ones I haven’t edited out :).


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