Project Server 2007: Can’t find your WSS data in the OLAP cube?

This was a recent support issue with great work from Kate and Shazeb in getting to the resolution.  Getting either of them to take credit was a harder job – so they get to share.

The scenario is – you create a project plan, publish and create a workspace, then go to that workspace and add some issues (my new collective term for a group of issues is “a box”) and we add some risks (a threat of risks?). All good so far, so we build a cube and look for the data.  The SDK says it should be there (look in the OLAP Cube Schema document).  Nothing!  What happened!

Looking in the queue gives us some clues.  When data goes into the reporting database the this is driven by a reporting job – and we don’t see any of these when we add issues or risks to a workspace.  But we do see a number of reporting jobs running when we publish a project – including a Reporting (WSS Sync).  Go back an publish the project again, either from Professional – or use PWA and go to Project Center, select the project then Action, Edit Properties, Save and Publish will do the trick.  Build the cube again and your box of issues and threat of risks will be available in the cube.

You could do some automation to force a publish after making changes to WSS workspaces – but may be more efficient to come up with a procedure to re-publish current plans before a cube build if you really need to see this information.

I’ve also decided that when it makes sense I will post blogs in text and audio format – so this is my first dual format blog.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Brian,  this has been an issue for ever but never made it into any documentation.  I’m more suspect about when an issue gets assigned to a previously published task, whether the project needs to be published again before the issue shows agaist the task in the My Tasks page.  Certainly for me it doesn’t always show immediately, and I’m wondering if there is job running periodically which checks for issues/risks/docs associated with tasks and displays them.

  2. Hi Ben,

    Not 100% sure Ben, but I think for perfomance some of the data showing issue/risk counts certainly on the reminders page come from the reporting DB – so yes, in this case a republish would be needed.  I’ll need to check how it happens on My Tasks.

    Best regards,


  3. blush says:

    Hi Brian,

    We are having a major issue whereby we have not deleted any custom Sharepoint lists for our Issues and Risks templates, however we have added additional fields and have renamed a few.  We have migrated our projects from 2003 to 2007 last year and all projects from 2003 remained on the ‘old’ Sharepoint template, and newly created projects took on the ‘new’ Sharepoint template. Could this be the reason why we are STILL getting WSS Synch failed message for random projects?  We are unable to determine which fields are producing the issue as it is happening on random projects.  We have developed a custom report to pull through project data as well as Risks & Issues, but the latter part takes days or even up to a week to pull through even though the project plans are being published regularly, and cube run is successful every time – and the same is happening through Data Analysis when we pull info from the risks & issues cube – this takes a few days to pull through, with a successful publish of project schedules and cube run – confirmed by looking at the queue.

    Is it possible that the system is looking for Unified Sharepoint fields across all projects hence not updating the fields in the reporting db??  We have not added any custom fields on different project WSS sites, could that also create an issue?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated as we are at our last with this.



  4. Hi Megan,

    This may be a little too complex to handle via blog comments.  The ULS logs should help identify the cause of the sync failures – you may need to turn up the logging for sync jobs to see all the detail, and then carefully examine the project and site to isolate the issue.  A support incident would also help identify the performance issues you are seeing getting the data.  See for options.  Newsgroups may also be worth reviewing.

    Best regards,


  5. Megan says:

    Hi Brian,

    I seem to be going around in circles from blog to blog, and I even went to the Microsoft Support page and have logged my issues there, but I am not having any luck with the responses 🙁

    Our 3rd Party Support provider who has an alliance with Microsoft have developed a Utility for us to try and identify which WSS fields are causing our problems, but so far we have tested it with 1 project and even after ‘fixing’ the WSS template for that project to mirror the global WSS, we are STILL getting WSS synch failed message and the information is STILL not pulling through to the Issues and Risks Cube for the projects that have the WSS Synch failed messages, EVEN after the project plan was published and the cube ran successfully.  People are losing faith in the system and I am trying to assure them that there will be a resolution…but what is the point of having all these cubes if your information does not even pull through….do you have any other advise?

    Many thanks,


  6. Hi Megan,

    Sorry you are not getting a good resolution on this.  Is there any pattern to the failures?  How customized are the sites?  DO you have a clean workspace template without customization and does this work if used for a new workspace?

    Do you have a case number for issue logged with Microsoft Support?  You can use the Email link in the top left to contact me if you do not want to post the case number here.

    Best regards,


  7. Damith says:

    some users can not check in their projects. when I look at force check in window, following job status was there "Failed But Not Blocking Correlation"

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