Project Server 2007: Has your cube build stopped working to the schedule?

Thanks for this resolution go to two of my colleagues in France – Bruno Sgorlon and Marc Biarnes.

The symptoms the customer had were that they could build the cubes just fine when using the manual “Build Now” option – but the cube builds were not happening at their scheduled times.  In one of the cases another symptom was that the “CubeAdminSRPJob” job was not present in the Timer Job definitions.

This issue was traced to a desynchronized WSS file system cache and was resolved by clearing the WSS file system cache on all servers in the farm.

To do this you can follow the resolution steps mentioned in the following article :;EN-US;939308

The article actually refers to an error you can see after changing some alternate access mappings – but the resolution also applies to, and more importantly, helps resolve this cube scheduling issue.

After all the steps in the article are done correctly, then change the scheduling for Project Server Cube building :

  • Uncheck both check boxes for the cube update Frequency  and click Save.
  • Check both check boxes for the cube update Frequency  and click Save.

Thanks Bruno and Marc for finding this resolution, and also for allowing me to share on my blog.

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  1. bjzjcn says:

    hi,Paul BriSmith :

    Glad to talk!

       I’ve got a big trouble with the project server 2007 and I hope you can help me,plz.

       Project Server and Project Professional 2007 SP1 + Infrastructure Update

       When I try to save and publish my former masterprojects,sometimes it works and sometimes I get the error "23000".

       I don’t know what caused such falses.

       Thanks for reading,and look forward to your response.

       My Email

  2. Hubert says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Finally I could resolve this issue. I have been struggling with this and a few more issues that required the project server timer jobs for a few weeks now. I really hate Project Server with all its bugs. Anyway, just so other people might find a solution to their problem, too, I would like to add a few comments to help searching.

    If you have trouble with one of the following, this solution might also help resolve the issue:

    -Timer Job ScheduledBackup:

    scheduled Backup of Projects will not work, or impossible to change settings/time

    -Timer Job ApplyResourceCapacityTimeRangeJob

    Resource Capacity will not be calculated at the expected time

    YES, this can be a problem, it was very frustrating for me trying to figure out why my report did not get the right capacity data from the reporting database after i had added some holidays to the calendar. Since the capacity was not calculated at the right time, I could not realize that my settings were already correct, until the actual (fortunately existing) job ran at 1AM. (I needed to update the Resource Capacity time ranges under Additional Server Settings)

    -Timer Job SendScheduledRemindersJob

    I guess when you are troubleshooting Email reminders, it could also be a problem when this doesnt work at the expected time, or not at all

  3. Hubert says:

    i forgot to add the following:

    -Create Project Web Access Instance

    Since this will also create a timer job during the creation process, you will be unable to create a new pwa instance

  4. Hi bjzjcn,

    Sorry – the 23000 is a very generic error and is not enough to go on.  I would suggest opening a support incident – see

    Best regards,


  5. Thanks Hubert, for adding the other timer jobs that might be affected by this issue.  Much appreciated.

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