Project Server 2007: Microsoft Office October Cumulative Update and Associated KBs Now Available!

Great job by our writers for this October Cumulative Update (not to mention the PM, Dev and Test involvement).  We not only have the updates – but the documents are also posted so you can see what we have fixed and decide if you should install these updates.  The full details can be found at and the links within that document will take you to the specific KBs for Project etc.  Christophe also has the KB and download links for the ones I know you care about at

Great work everyone!

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  1. dj_palindrome says:

    I was *really* scratching my head with those early ‘mystery-meat’ KB articles for the August 26, 2008 cumulative update packages for Office.

    But the Office team did a *great* job with the October 28, 2008 release.

  2. ***Update2*** Read on for general Cumulative Update information – but we now have the October release

  3. dj_palindrome says:

    One exception to my almost-perfect tranquility and complete satisfaction in having the latest version of everything (on the client side, at least) is that the hotfix for Office 2007 Mso.dll is still MIA.

    Surely something must be up with it, or it’s a surprise for next Patch Tuesday?

  4. vserrano says:

    Hi Brian

    Do you know if the differences between upgrades on Client Project Professional(any pc’s without SP1, others without infrastructure update, etc.) and upgrades on Project Server 2007(SP1 and infrastructure updates) may be the cause of problems in projects? I mean mixed custom fields, empty baselines, wrong indicators and formulas.

    Best Regards

  5. Hi vserrano,

    Yes, this is very likely the cause of the issue.  There have been some fixes on the client that address the kind of symptoms you describe so it is important to ensure all clients get updated to the same level as the server to ensure no bad data from unpatched clients is getting back into the server.

    Best regards,


  6. Mark says:

    Stupid question time – in Project Pro there are two sets of numbers in Help-About –

    In this case – 12.0.6327.5000 and 12.0.6213.1000.  Can you explain what those two sets of numbers are?


  7. Hi Mark – someown once said the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask :).  The first number relates to the version of Project Pro – and generally .5000 will indicate a hotfix or CU release.  The second number is the version of the Office shared components so is generally different, depending on which other Office updates have been loaded.  In your case the second number indicates the shared components (MSO) is at the SP1 level, and Project Pro itself is at August CU level.  6331 is October, and 6335 is December.

    Best regards,


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