Project Server 2007: Check-in still pending?

***UPDATE***  Please see my posting on the December 2008 CU -  The Project Professional 2007 CU - has a fix for this issue!

*** 2nd Update *** But also see 

I replied to a comment on this topic – but think it warrants a new posting so I have polished my reply and added some stuff.  I am aware customers are still having some issues with check-in pending and I think it may be a timing issue around closing and opening Project.  I haven’t been able to repro this so would love to hear some consistent repro steps based on the August Cumulative Update – if anyone out there can make it happen to order.

However, I have some ideas what might lead to the issue.  When you close Project we now give a message to ensure any saves that are in progress get a chance to complete.  However this only waits for the save from client to the queue to complete - then the "real" save from the queue to the database happens - then any publish and check-in jobs.  So the client may be closed when the check-in completes and so doesn't get the message – and will still think the check-in is pending.  On opening it takes a little while for the communication to the server and the responses for any updates on pending check-ins etc – and you may see a message Offline changes - and if the user does a File, Open immediately then they may see Check-in pending for a project that is really checked in.  This will not get updated while the dialog is open.  Either closing the dialog and re-opening - or opening a "pending" project (read only) and then closing should flush things through and get the project available. This is by far the best approach rather than clearing the cache as it does not risk any data loss.  The above symptoms may never appear on a very fast network, and may appear more often in a WAN situation where there is high latency between the client and server.

But as I say, I haven’t been able to repro, even from home, where I have to traverse my home wireless network, then another wireless link a few miles across the valley before getting on to a T1 link and the internet.  Another few hops and I get to my server.  The ping time is a pretty respectable 50ms across 9 hops.  Just to add a little load to my server I set all my projects publishing from ProjTool too – but I never see check-in pending.  Perhaps I need to be saving a much larger project and have lots of custom fields at the task level?  So for any repro I’d also like to know project size, custom fields, network parameters such as a ping and tracert to the server.

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  1. Cutter says:

    In our company this problem occures very often.

    The only solution we have now is to clear the cache and force a check-in.

    So it would be very nice, if you could solve this problem or give us a very nice workaround.

    With best regards

    Some german guys

  2. Hi Cutter,

    We are working on a better experience here – but a couple of points.  If you have the problem we are working on you should never need to force a check-in with this issue as it is purely a client side problem with not being updated about the check-in status.  If it really is checked out then perhaps the save/publish/check-in is failing – so check the queue.

    When clearing the cache only the single file should be deleted (and only as a last resort) – I really want to discourage complete cache clearing as one day a customer will lose data if they have another project checked out for legitimate reasons.

    Best regards,


  3. Andrea says:

    Hi there,

    We also have this issue happening very frequently at our site since the application of the stability hotfix (August cumulative is still being tested in QA). We havent yet been able to repro it consistently. We frequently find that if we open the Schedule as read only and then close it again, it still doesnt check-in the schedule and we are forced to clear the cache. I, in particular get it a lot and I tend to use just the Publish menu option rather than separately selecting Save and then Publish so I wondered if this could have anything to do with it. We have already logged a call about the fact that when you just use the Publish option, it only comes back and tells you that the Save is completed, it never tells you that the Publish is completed. It is also frustrating that often in the far left corner at the bottom it will say that All Offline Jobs Synced to Server even though it also says at the bottom that it is still saving or publishing. Not sure if there are any plans to address this? Anyway, if we get any further consistency in reproducing I will let you know.

    Cheers, Andrea

  4. Sandra says:

    Hi Brian,

    almost all our customers are suffering from the Checkin-Pending issue. There is not really a way to reproduce it. It appears to happen randomly. It even happens if the user has a very fast network connection, very small projects with very little attributes and waits a couple of minutes after he has checked in the project.

    Most times opening the project read-only and closing the project doesn’t help. Only deleting the project from cache solves the problems.

    best regards


  5. Flo says:

    Hi Brian,

    same problem. Our customers are suffering too. Also we have some projects where it happens almost every time.

    So I received today this mail from a pilot user…

    —->Hello Florian,

    I come again with ‘checkin pending’ problem for my schedule "Schedule_#!#". Every time I open my planning it is open ReadOnly being checkin pending. Why it is happening since when I close the file I confirm I want the checkin? On the other hand, I can work if I clean up cache every time.

    Could you, please, help?<——-

    Last time it also happened in a training and didn`t work for 2 people to check in their project. I tried to explain why – but it always sucks if this happens in a training. The people then told in another meeting that the system was instable 🙁 THIS SUCKS…

    Improvements on the Active Cache side have to be made!!!

    Currently it happens also with small projects and high bandwith.

    Best regards


  6. Hi Flo,

    We are actively investigating and do now have a consistent repro which hopefully will lead us to some options for relieving this pain.  Particularly in training this does not help to set a good experience with the product.

    Thanks to all of the other readers with feedback about this problem.  I will keep you updated…

    Best regards,


  7. Srini says:

    Hi Brian,

    Probably the below details would help you to reproduce this issue:

    – Project size: 1500 tasks

    – Team size: 68

    – Avg 5 to 6 res will be on a task (to get an indea on number of assignments)

    Network: LAN 1 Gbps / Some are via 1.5 Mbps line

    Either we get Pending-Checkin Error, if everything goes fine, then server takes its own sweat time 😉 to complete save operation.

    Have installed the July infrastrcuture update on server server and august patch on client.

    As implementation and support team we fighting out our lives to not to let the project managers to goback to Excels, also we need to go live with another customer in another two months with 800 project managers.

    Hopefully we get some resolution for this soon.


  8. Saurabh Agrawal says:

    Hi Brian,

    I am also experincing the same kind of problem.

    Whenever I check out a Project from Project Server 2007 and check in back to the system, it still keeps the state as check out. Next time it opens in the read only mode. Also, when i force check in the project, it always keep it in the waiting to be processed state.

    Can you please help…

  9. Hi Saurabh,

    You are seeing a different issue.  The "normal" checked-out issue is purely a client side problem and the project is really checked in – so you do not need to, and cannot force the check-in.  If you check in cannot be forced then probably something else is earlier in the queue blocking things – look for a failed save, or a getting enqueued job.

    Best regards,


  10. Sandeep Thoppil says:

    Hi Brian,

    We have few government installations of MS Proj Server 2007, we are facing the same check in peding issues, where in which I cannot even have a forced Checkin, everthing job there after is getting queued up.

    To add a bit on top of the discussion, i once noticed the MS Eventing and Queuing Serivce stoped smhow, i started them and i could recover from this issue once, but that doesnt not seems to be working all time.

    Please Update.



  11. blush says:

    Hi Brian,

    We are experiencing this issue on a random basis and have been since we have migrated from EPM 2003 to PS 2007 a few months ago.  The infrastructure update has made a slight difference, but this problem is still persisting.  Attempts to force the project back in after 24 hours of being in a checked out pending state, and no other jobs in the queue that is blocking this also seems to fail, and we never know when to clear the cache as we don’t want to lose data.  This should definately be addressed by Microsoft as people are frustrated EVERY day and being the system owner I feel their pain 🙁

    Please help!


    Megan – South Africa

  12. Tom says:

    Hi Brian,

    good to hear, you can reproduce this problem. Hopefully you guys can also solve the issue 🙂

    Do you expect this to be addressed in SP2 or will we hopefully see a solution in one of the CUs?

    BTW: I can reproduce this issue in my company nearly at every checkin! Small projects (5 lines, 1 person in team) , bigger projects (500 lines, 30 people in team). I can provide logs, databases, etc… if this is beneficial for you.

    Tom Bilgi

  13. Hi Tom,

    We are making progress on this and I can’t say for sure when we will have it nailed and ready for you – but I’d like to think this would make a nice Christmas present…  

    Best regards,


  14. If you have trouble with checkout, cache, you can try to delete the Cache folder at C:Documents and Settings[your username here]Application DataMicrosoftMS ProjectCache

    I have the issue that the project is readonly but I’m not checking out it. After cleaning the cache using Cache Cleanup feature, it runs well but next time it happens again.

    I have deleted the folder and the MS project create it again for me. It runs well now

  15. Hi Hieu,

    This is a very dangerous thing to do if you have other projects checked out with updated information – you will be deleting ALL projects from your cache.  As a last resport delete the individual project from the cache – but please do not get into the habit of deleting the complete folder.

    Best regards,


  16. blush says:


    I have managed to find a temporary work-around on this for now. We have deleted and re-created the project server account which seems to solve the issue.  Could it have been that these server accounts ended up being corrupt?  Who knows.  I have been monitoring this with two of our PM’s for the past 2 weeks now and so far so good.  This is of course not ideal as you clear the cache completely of all projects [same as removing from cache I suppose]  I have done this on these PM’s machines BEFORE they did their weekly updates with changes, and the did not lose any updates or changes – thank goodness!  

    We also follow a strict ‘check-in process’ whereby we wait for the save & publish to be complete before we do a File > Close, and we never close MSP completely before closing the actual project schedule.  This helps too.

    But it will be great if Microsoft can fix this issue soon.


    Megan – South Africa

  17. Hi Blush,

    Hopefully I will be able to share some good news soon…

    Best regards,


  18. Larry Smith says:


    Add another group to the list having this problem. It appears that the problem is random on who it hits, but whomever is the victim will remain so. I have one customer where it happens 90% of the time. I am still performing some tests with him, but it looks like if we have him access the project from a different client then things are fine. I am still verifying that, but it seems to be the case.

    Any idea as to when you expect a fix?

    Cheers – Larry

  19. Tom says:

    We installed all the December CUs on the Server and also on all Project Professional Clients.

    Hmmm… this issue is NOT gone. Still the same problem in 95% of all checkins.

  20. Hi Tom.  Does this still occur for you even if you create a new profile to connect tot project server?  Or delete your cache?  I’d love to know the repro steps that still make this happen for you – and really sorry to hear you are still having an issue.

    I saw you posted against two related blogs – so this answer is duplicated to ensure others see it.

    Best regards,


  21. Tobias says:

    Brian did you ever find a solution?

  22. Hi Tobias – the 2nd update in this blog links to the latest news – not 100% reliably fixed yet I am afraid.


  23. Lenin says:

    We have the same issue but different circumstance. Resources submitted task updates and approved by project manager.There are 2 problems.

    1)It does not update the project schedule

    2)I cannot open the project because it gives me previous check-in is not complete.

    So we are in the middle of the pond with nowhere to go. There is nothing in the queue. All jobs say 100% complete. No cache to clear. No force check in jobs. Please help me

  24. Wim Van Den Bergh says:

    Is there somebody still having the "checkin pending"-problem with SP2???

    SP2 did solve the cache problem when closing a project via the close-box of the window, but now the "checkin pending"-problem forces me to clean the cache again and again… ?!?!


  25. THayden says:

    I consistently have the check-in pending problem.  Occasionally, it is resolved if I open the project as read-only, close it and then re-open it.  But this does not always work.  Very frustrating.

  26. Thayden says:

    I found a work-around that works every time.  Save the project to the server and publish the project.  Then make a change in the file (e.g., enter a date in a blank row)and undo the entry.  Close the file.  When you get the prompt to save changes and check in, select "discard changes" and "check in."  Your file will now be checked in.  

  27. joseph says:

    after force check in from the project server,the project is now checked out,i cannot save,publish,update and do some other functions in my project professional.I need urgent assistance

  28. Hi Joseph,

    For urgent assistance I would suggest logging a support incident.  See for your options.

    Best regards,


  29. Oraj says:


    We are having this problem frequently.

    However, I think I have been able to re-create the problem:

    1. User opens and changes plan as normal

    2. User chooses File-Close

    3. User prompted and chooses to save and checkin

    4. User then IMMEDIATELY chooses to close Project Professional.

    It seems to be what Brian originally indicated – that the client is closed when the queue job attempts to notify it of a completed checkin.

    Recreating the problem does seem to depend on the speed of the network and how fast the user closes the client after chooseing to save and checkin.

    NOTE : The checkin is complete on the server, so there should never be a need to force checkin as mentioned in some of the previous posts(this is a different problem).

    The client just never got notified of the checkin completion.

  30. Rob says:

    Opening the project in read only mode when prompted, and then closing the project seems to solve the problem (in that the project is seen as checked in by MS Project).

  31. Danny says:

    Any progress with the checkin pending issue in the last year?

  32. Mario says:

    Our systems (servers and clients) are updated and we still have the problem. All PM are very frustrated by this problem. There is a way to fix that?

    Thank you,


  33. Antti says:

    I'm also fighting with this issue. Any workaround would be appreciated.

  34. Bob Morgan says:

    Was this issue ever repaired? I am currently using 2007 Project Server and the the issue I cannot seem to remedy is "waiting to be processed.." when forcing the project file to check in.. Any answers?

  35. If you are seeing "waiting to be processed" Bob, then your check-in really is pending so what you are seeing is not related to this problem.  You need to troubleshoot the queue to see what it is waiting for.  Look for old jobs for that same project that may be blocking the check-in.  You may need to change the filter on the queue jobs to see jobs from before today.

    Best regards,


  36. Markus says:

    Any progress on this? We have the same problem with the Check-in pending message. EPM is our Global solution and we have about 100 PMs worldwide. Would be nice to give people good news ; )

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