RSS Readers will now get my full postings again!

Back in June I flicked a switch on my blog that meant that after about 4 lines you would get a “read more” link and if I had grabbed your attention you might even click and read the rest. Today I have flicked the switch back again after feedback that people prefer to get the full post rather than having to go look for the rest of it.

The reason I had set it this way was that it did at least give me some indication of what was being read – because I could see the visits to the pages.  The RSS hits don’t really give me that information.  However, I appreciate that many readers may consume these posts offline – or even if you are online it is extra clicks and time to get the full story.  In return for my setting this back to the way you want it I ask that if you like or don’t like a posting – let me know!

The stats I get from adCenter break down into 3 groups in terms of inbound referrals to the pages – search, direct traffic and referring websites.  For September so far I am running at just over 61% search, around 24% for direct traffic, and the final 15% from referring websites.  I am guessing that much of the direct traffic is from RSS readers hitting the “read more” link – and probably a few that have links saved – it will be interesting to see how the figures change over the coming weeks and months as the changed setting comes into play.

Do let me know how you feel about this change.

Comments (2)

  1. Stephen says:

    Thank you for flipping the switch back.

    I consume content in a reader, and generally feeds that cut off with a read more tend to get less attention from me.

    Having said that I appreciate the problem for the bloggers on the lose of feedback. Wonder if thats why some bloggers get discouraged?

    RSS aggregators need a simple way to send "that was useful" indicator back to bloggers.

  2. phe says:

    Much prefer the new approach, Brian. You wouldn’t think just clicking on a link to read the whole article is that big a deal, but it is when you’re trying to wade thru 50 RSS posts during lunch!

    Thanks for keeping your readership in mind!

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