New Blog Dedicated to EPM Content – for all your Project Server needs

For news on all the new content as it becomes available you really should subscribe to the new blog at  Our content team have created this to have links to new content each month including the articles for the recent Infrastructure Update.

And if you aren't finding the content you need, or you feel the content isn't clear - or if you think it is perfect - then let them know!  They are committed to to finding out what is working and what isn't - and putting things right. 

Comments (3)

  1. Thanks Brian!

    I just wanted to reitterate Brian’s statement above on giving us feedback. We REALLY want to hear how YOU think we are doing with the content on TechNet. We value any suggestions, comments or criticisms.


  2. Ben says:

    Nice content, but should I be going to your technet site, or – they both seem to be the same content so why have two?


  3. I’m guessing under the covers it is the same site – just two ways to find it.  I’ll check with Robert.

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