My Longest Commute

I left work on 6/19 and finally arrived home on 7/18 - my longest commute ever!  It was a long month - with one week spent in Harborview, the Northwest's Trauma center, and three weeks in a nursing home - Cascade Vista (getting a glimpse of the future perhaps?).  Thanks to all the great staff at both locations, particularly the orthopaedic surgeons who put the pieces of my leg together like having a jigsaw without the picture!  As with most old puzzles there was a piece missing - so a bone graft still to come.  Special thanks to my wife Diane and all my family and friends who kept my spirits up with their frequent visits and messages (and chocolate - thanks Christophe!) and who gave Diane such tremendous support (Judi and Stuart, Chris and Elaine, Carol and Don, Philipa, Joyce and Brian).  Thanks to Elaine (and Chris and Pippin) too, for helping me understand what was going on medically.  My colleagues (whom I don't really distinguish from friends) were fantastic support too - thanks Larry, Randy and Collete, Aik, Noel, Toni, Rob, Mark, Kate and Mike, Jon, Jules and Michaela, Barb, James, Val, Sue, Modesto and any others I have forgotten (I'll blame the medication).  More special thanks to Joyce Bileau - not just for her visits with her Brian, and their support for Diane but for posting an update here and also keeping the comments publishing so that the community could help each other. She is a great asset for Project!  Joyce also forwarded messages of support from my regular readers - thanks guys!

As I can string a few characters together with a couple of working fingers I will be catching up on responses to blog comments over the next week or so.  Good therapy for my mind as my body gets working again.

Thanks to Rob for the loan of Rome - Season 2 and when you see me next with my short haircut you will think I am even more "Roman".

Hopefully I will get back to some more product related posts too

Comments (6)

  1. Bryant Likes says:

    Welcome back! Glad to hear that you’re starting to feel better! I think all of us project server developers have felt a little lost without the usual brismith postings. 🙂

  2. Trevis Burkett says:

    What a difficult experience for you.  Here I thought I had it tough trying to wrestle Project Server into shape.  Get well and stay well.  

  3. Melanie Putnam says:

    Glad your ok and a sign for me not to purchase that new Suzuki I was looking at.

  4. Hi Melanie,

    I will not be riding again – not because it wasn’t fun or I couldn’t face getting on a bike again, but going through the results of someone else’s inattentiveness on the road and seeing what it has done to me and my family, in enumerable different ways – I can’t risk that again.  Sorry if I my accident has robbed you of a great experience, but if there is someone in your life you really care about, or really cares about you – think twice.

    Best regards,


  5. Sadaf Shaikh says:

    Hi Brian,

    It’s great to have you back. Sent in a get well wish via Joyce whe i saw her post informing about your accident.  I hope and pray for your speedy and complete recovery.

    I think Bryant Lykes hit the nail on the head when he said your regular readers were feeling a bi lost without your posts…. Missed your posts and you …. So here’s to your getting back on your feet and staying there *cheers!*

    Take Care.

  6. Thanks Sadaf, and to Bryant, Ivan, Yasir, Jennifer and Ben who also passed on their wishes via Joyce – and many others who have passed on good wishes in many other ways.

    Best regards,


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