What is special about the "Administrator Account" when provisioning a new PWA site?

Nothing much really.  But we do often get the question "How do I change the administrator account?"  If you go to the Manage PWA Page then you will see that it is greyed out.  You can't change it here - but then you don't really need to.  This account is just put in the database so that you have an admin in the system and you can log in.    I guess this can be a problem if the person is the only admin - and is not available to log in, but the admin's first job should be to create the second admin.  The first administrator is also set as the primary administrator of the site collection created for the PWA site.  You can update the user in this case using stsadm -o siteowner.  The parameters for this command are -url <url of site> -ownerlogin <DOMAINuser> -secondarylogin <DOMAINuser>.  You could also use stsadm to add users to Project Server using the -o projcreateentity flag.  See Christophe's posting for full details of stsadm commands for project.

One gotcha we have come across when provisioning against an existing set of databases is that if the account you use for the administrator account already exists in the database then it must also be an active user.  If it is an inactive account then the provision will fail with event ID of 7013 and 6966.

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  1. Ed says:


    We provisioned the site using the service account on the box that runs our farm.  I want to be its equal, not replace it.

    I made myself a Farm Administrator in WSS using the service account, shortly after installation, with Full Control.  When I attempt to work in the provisioned PWA site under my personal ID, I do not see the options available to service account.

    For instance, I attempted to build out a site to house and maintain SRS reports.  When I attempted to follow the procedure to create folders, and use Site Collection Features to house Report Builder, Report Modeler and Report DataSources, it didn’t appear.  when I logged in as the service account, the options were available. I could define the folders and their features.

    Will any of the references in your post achieve my end-game?


  2. Hi Ed,

    I’m not sure off the top of my head where all these permissions you mention come from, but they are more WSS permissions than Project – so first try would be looking at Site Actions, Site Settings and looking for the difference between you account and the service account in the People and Groups and Advanced Permissions.  The siteowner command above may address some of this – and you could run it adding yourself as secondary owener, keeping the original one in place.


  3. Ken says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have noticed that the default Adminstrator account also shows as the owner of the queue jobs for the AD Sync and the OLAP cube build on the Manage queue jobs page.

    Would there be any adverse effect of disabling the default Administrator account ?


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