Project 2007 SP1 – The gift that keeps on giving

So with the Holiday season in full swing - what to give that difficult person who has everything.  How about Project 2007 SP1?  Yes, the links should soon be live, and until then you can prepare by reading the TechNet article at 

Please read all of the article - and also note that there is just one Microsoft Office Server 2007 SP1 which fits the whole family.  So don't go looking for a file that just says "projectserver" as you won't find it.  The file will be called officeserver2007sp1-kb936984... with the last piece of the file name referencing wither the 32 or 64 bit version.

If you do have Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 then the SP1 file is the same - but the document you should read as well as the one above is

And for any version of Office Server you also need to load the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1 first (it won't work if you don't, and it will tell you why), and both Service Packs need loading on all servers in the farm (except your database server if it isn't doing anything else).  See the related links section of the article for more details on planning for the WSS 3.0 SP1.

For the client there is a separate SP1.  It is not imperative that you load at the same time as the server - it will work if you load client first and do the server later - or the other way around.  I will update with the links when they are all available - but planning is important - so get reading!

Links (But please READ the above documents FIRST!):-

Office 2007 suite SP1 -

Office Project 2007 SP1 -

Office Project Language Pack 2007 SP1 -

Office Servers 2007 SP1 -

Office Server Language Pack 2007 SP1 -

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1 -

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Comments (11)

  1. I believe this is called "First post" Slashdot 🙂

    But, back to seriousness, fantastic news – thanks Brian.  I have been looking through the Excel sheets that lists the fixes involved and it really is quite extensive.  And not only for Project, but SharePoint too :).

    Suddenly my mood has improved quite dramatically!

  2. Bryant Likes says:

    Thanks for the gift! However, it would be nice to know what the gift includes. 🙂

    Any links to the list of issues fixed in Project Server?

  3. The server KB doesn’t seem to have gone live yet – but kb936984 should cover the server so it will be and the client is live at

  4. And special thanks to Nico for pointing out the spreadsheets available from within the page linked by Download pages listed here for your convenience.

    The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Download the 2007 Office Servers Service Pack 1 Changes_all.xls package now. ( Office Servers Service Pack 1 Changes_all.xls)

    Download the Office 2007 Service Pack 1 Changes_all.xls package now. ( 2007 Service Pack 1 Changes_all.xls)

  5. says:

    Hi Brian,

    have you seen in SP1 deployment testing a kind and helpful message that says that no effected or valid products are installed?

    This is on an all-in-one test VPC.  I think that the VPC had several server hotfixes installed. (kb939594, 938891)


    Office2007 SP1 installed OK!

    Project2007 SP1 installed OK!


    WSS SP1 installed OK!

    sharepoint config wizard OK!

    Office Server SP1….checks for products to update, then says “no effected products are installed” installation aborts.

    seen that before

    (it definately has PS2007 installed!!!!)

  6. Hi David,

    I haven’t seen that.  Also I don’t think it would have broken anything but you do not need to run the config wizard after loading the WSS SP1 on a standalone until you have loaded the Office Server SP1.  The upgrade log might indicate what if found when it was checking for the products to update.

    Best regards,


  7. says:

    Thanks Brian – will retry update with WSS SP1, no config wizard, and then see if the Office Server SP1 will install…


  8. says:

    Same issue again, “There are no products affected by this package installed on the system”


  9. Scott Innis says:


    Have you encountered any issues with installing Project Server to a MOSS deployment that has already had SP1 applied?


  10. Great question Scott.  I think you would need to re-load Office Server SP1 after loading the Project Server bits (and before configuring anything to do with Project) – or possibly set up a slipstream install.  I think the Office Server SP1 documentation covers slipstreaming.

    Let me know if you hit problems – I can take a deeper look.  I know I tried this during the tech preview but can’t recall anything special I needed to do.


  11. Rick says:


    Is there more information available now about installing Project Server 2007 on a SharePoint farm with SP1 already deployed? I need to extend our farm with a front-end server and am not sure if I can just use the Updates folder of the MOSS install media to put the WSS3 and MOSS2007 updated files in and then run the RTM installer of Project Server and be finished, or that I have to redeploy the SP1 – in which case the Updates folder is rather useless…



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