Project Conference Day 1

I had a chance to meet plenty of old friends today - and also put faces to names I have known for a while.  It was good to meet all of you.  Several people asked about the PowerPoint presentation so I have attached it to this posting.  If I get time I may record several of the demos and post them up to MSN Soapbox.  For now the pptx on it's own at least has many of the links you should find useful.  For those who were not able to be here the session was titled Administration of an EPM Solution and concentrated on Project Server 2007.


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  1. James Anderson says:

    Yours was my first presentation of the day, and it was well worth it.  Thanks so much for the information and for posting the deck on your blog.  I am scheduled to conduct my first implementation during November; I really needed these insights and tools.  Thanks again.

  2. Jochen Ruhland says:

    Thanks for the slides, very interesting. Just a question: on the slide “Farm architecture” you say that all servers must have the same bits loaded. Does this mean that in a 3-tier-layout I also have to install Project Server on the Front-End-Webservers where no Project Application Service is running?

  3. Ben Howard says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for the ppt.  It would be great to have the recordings too if you get time

  4. Hi Jochen,

    You do need to load the bits on the web front ends too – although it will only be a web front end install.  If you already have MOSS then it will detect this is a web front end and do the right thing – if it is the first installation then choose custom and web front end.  It isn’t running the service but does need some of the files for the serving of the pages.

    Best regards,


  5. Jeroen Wijnands says:

    This disappoints me a bit:

    Multiple Application Servers don’t give you fault tolerance

    Isn’t there any way to get fault tolerance in that part of the farm?

  6. Laxmi Panthari says:


    Thank you for the very informative session at the Project Conference.

    I found yours and Adrian Jenkins sessions to be the most useful of all.

    Thanks, Laxmi.

  7. Martin Winzig says:

    Hi Brian,

    There is one incorect information in your presentation,

    > If you modify permissions on a workspace then >this effectively breaks the automatic sync and you >then need to always sync users manually (existing >and added)

    Automatic sync isn’t disabled when you modify permissions on site! when you update security categories really strange things happends with WSS permissions .

    (For example MS Project admin can’t acess PWA because Project server removed permissions, team members can acess project workspaces ….. )

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