What do the Language Packs give you? Part 2: Office Clients

So we have seen in my previous post what server language packs do for Project Web Access, so now what happens on the client?  The language packs and language settings work for all of Office, but I will be concentrating on Project.  To change the settings once a language pack has been added you go to Microsoft Office Language Settings 2007, which is under the Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools start menu.  If you have not added any client language packs then you will see just two tabs - the right hand two in this first screen shot.  Once you have another language available then you will also see the Display Options tab.


In this example I have a US English initial installation and have added Korean, Japanese and French language packs.  So I can choose my display language and help language to be any from the set.  It is possible to have some languages appear in the list that have not been loaded for all products - hence the option for preferences.  SO if I have French as my preference but have only loaded it for Project then I will see the next available language when I use Excel or any other Office product.

So if I select Office menus as French and Help as Japanese I see the following when opening Project and viewing Help.  The dual language can be helpful when a corporation has a common language they wish to work in - but individuals may find help in their native language to be more useful.


To show the full support for extended characters I can open a project saved from a Greek language version of Project, which also has some Japanese and Korean characters in the task names.  The date format follows your Windows settings - so if you want a format such as Day/Month/Year you will need to set this as well as the language for Office.


So for both client and server the language support for Project goes beyond what was offered for 2003 - no more issues with codepages!

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Comments (3)

  1. suja says:


    I tried installing Japanese language pack for Office Visio 2007 on top of default en-US. Then I changed the display language of Office to Japanese. Now when I open Visio, except the main menu ie.File,Edit etc everything else is changed to Japanese. I need whole UI in Japanese.

    I m developing add-ins for vista localised in Japanese. So I need to test these in a Japanese UI.

    Is there any other setting which I need to configure to get the expected behaviour?



  2. Hi Suja,

    In Project the menus are correctly shown in Japanese for me.  I’ll try this with Visio and report back – or get one of my Visio colleagues to take a look. I think if you have customized menus they probably will stay in the base language.

    Best regards,


  3. Suja says:

    Thanks Brian.

    Infact we added one main manu item with a few submenus to the command bar for the add-in.

    Infact I tried changing my code so that it reads the current office language settings and displays the menus from a Japanese resource file. Now my custom menu is coming up in Japanese, but the default menu items are still in English. 🙁 Is there are any way I can get everything in Japanese??

    Thnx again


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