Take care when loading an Office Server 2007 Language packs if you use Project Server 2007

The download page for language packs at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=2447426b-8689-4768-bff0-cbb511599a45&DisplayLang=en allows you to load language packs for many languages on top of your native installed language.  For SharePoint this allows you to create sites in different languages.  In Project these language packs do what the Multi-Language User Interface (MUI) did for 2003 and before - so two users can see the same PWA site in different languages, based on their IE language preference.

The download page however does not distinguish which languages will and will not work for Project Server 2007 - as only a sub-set of the Office ones are supported.  The download page also just has a link for the SharePoint deployment page and not the Project Server one which can be found at http://technet2.microsoft.com/Office/en-us/library/7ac79302-38b1-4187-bbd5-ef9f53c6f9031033.mspx?mfr=true.  The main difference is that for Project you need to install the language pack on your application servers as well as the web front ends.  Load and run the configuration wizard on each server in your farm.

The languages supported by Project Server 2007 are listed on the page linked to above - but more importantly the ones SharePoint supports but Project Server 2007 DOES NOT support are:-

Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Estonian, Hindi, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese – Portugal, (Portuguese – Brazil is supported), Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, Ukrainian.

If you install these then the propagation of other MUI languages may be affected and you may not be able to see languages you expect to, and you will get many errors in your application event log referring to a file - notifications.sql - which cannot be found for these languages.

I will do another post soon (vacation next week!) on the use of language packs both on the client and the server, but just as a taster 2007 handles this much better than 2003.  This week I worked on a project on a Korean version of Project Professional 2007 (US English plus Korean language pack for the project client) and created tasks in English, Korean, Japanese and with various European accents, then saved to my US version of server which had many of the language packs installed.  I then changed my client language to Greek, re-opened the project and could see everything I had saved.  After publishing I could even view my PWA site in Danish and view my project along with the tasks in the different languages.  What?  Next you want us to translate the tasks?  One day...

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  1. Martin Winzig says:

    Hi Brian,

    Just litle note, from my experience  Language packs for MS Project server are unusable in production environment, i’ll give you example:

    I have same lookup table and enterprise text field which using this lookup table. In project center is  custom view where is displayed this value, the problem is that when user have in IE default language EN value is dislayed but when user using another language for example czech  value isn’n displayed.

    This bug is caused by new MPS feature in lookup tables are different string for different languages(nice feature).  

    – But user’s can’t edit localized strings from PWA.

    – When there isn’t localized string in lookup table the blank  value is installed instead of default value(value which was entered by user in PWA)

  2. Hi Martin,

    I must admit I expected some comments on the usability of the language packs – both the problem you mention and also some issues with list separators.  Hopefully we will have some fixes out to address these issues.  It is possible through the PSI to add lookup table values for other languages but I haven’t tried this yet.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Janus Morthorst says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have a customer running om a three tier farm with MOPS2007 on a WSS3.0 all with SP1.

    The installation were done by using US English and the PWA site was working without any problems.

    I then installed Microsoft Office Servers Language Pack (Danish) for Project 2007 (slipstreamed with SP1) on the application (APP) server and then the Web Front-End (WFE) Server. Running the WSS Wizard on first the APP and secondly the WFE. The IIS was stopped doing the language pack installation. At the end I restartet the two servers.

    I hoped that the existing PWA site now could be shown in DA Danish, from the Danish users Internet Explorer, but the PWA still shows the default US English on the existing PWA.

    If I make a new Default site with US English on a new Shared Service Provider and the provisioning PWA also with US English then the PWA shows the DA Danish, from the Danish users Internet Explorer.

    Is it not possible to change language on existing WSS default sites with PWA on the top?

    After this I also tried to install the WSS language pack (Danish) with SP1. I must admit that I did not install the before the Microsoft Office Servers Language Pack (Danish) for Project 2007.

    Have you seen similar problems or do know of a hack or anything then I would appriciate it very much.

    Looking forward to hear your or any others opinion?

  4. Janus Morthorst says:

    This solved me problem for anyone reading my problem:


    Remember the Timer and IISreset.

  5. Thanks for the follow up Janus, and sorry for not replying to your earlier comment.  I was out of the office for a big part of June/July and didn’t get caught up on comments during this time.

    Best regards,


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