Project Conference – What do you want to hear about Administration?

I have been asked to present a session at the Project Conference titled "Administration of an EPM Solution" and wanted to check that I would be addressing the right issues. 

The session will cover administrative functions both in Windows SharePoint Services and Project Server.  The SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration features of Diagnostic Logging, Shared Services (including provisioning new PWA sites), Timer jobs, Backup/Restore and administrative account management will be covered.  In Project Server I will be looking at the administrative side of Cube Building, Custom Fields, Active Directory Synchronization, User Management, Administrative Backup/Restore,  Project Workspaces and last and definitely not least Queue Management.  The focus will mainly be on new and changed administrative features of Project Server 2007 so not too much time will be spent on features that have changed little since 2003.  This session will also not be covering the administration of Project Portfolio Server.

Am I missing anything?

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Brian, definitely account management, specifically regarding permissions.  I suspect most of us install systems with too many permissions, or using a single admin account.  It would be great to see each account listed with the minimum permissions required.

    Cheers,  Ben.

  2. Marc Soester says:

    Hi Brian,

    looking forward to your presentation. A big thing for us is deploying Test Server settings to the Application Server. It would be great if you could inlcude this into the “Backup/Restore” section. I know that there are some issue and would love to hear how you would address them.

    Many thanks


  3. Niek van hussen says:

    I would love to hear how a backup of a production environment is restored in a test environment, which then is the up-to-date basis for testing changes. The DB-restore is not the issues here, but the provisioning of the test environment definitely is. Key issue: can you publish new tasks/projects in test?

    Thanks, regards, Niek

  4. Martin Winzig says:

    1) Custom fields & graphical indicators ….  

    2) Haw to change URL of PWA site.

    3) haw to restore BACKUP on other coputer  system and change URL of PWA. (I’d like to restore backups from diferent customers on my PC)

    4) haw to handle situations when WSS admin deleted Aplication with PWA and then created new APP on the same port with the same content database.

    5) Custom fields & Lookup tables & MUI :o) … why user which other language  see blank fields in project center.

    6) more informations about relationship between PWA and SSP.


    ansvers ad 1) most likely this bug will not be fixed even in SP2 for MPS 2007

    2,3,4) … I handled situation No 4 (do same nasty things in Published DB ), and I know haw to change PWA URL. (backup PWA site, delete App, create App with new content DB restore backup of PWA site, do same nasty things in Project_Published DB )

    5) Regional strings can be configured by PSI but when  localized string isn’t awailable default should be used instead(maybe I’m wrong and user should see blank fields).

  5. Ville says:

    Hi Brian,

    I do agree with most of the writers about backup/restore, would probably like to see a “broader angle” on what to back up in addition to the setting you can perform via the Admin UI. (WSS backup?)

    Also, I would like to see Queue management, discussions about different factors affecting Cube build times.




  6. Jim says:

    Workspace synchronization and how to manage custom permissions on custom lists.

  7. Scott says:

    Are we going to get this information in a EPM Admin Guide somewhere? I can’t find this kind of info anywhere. I need more info on how to create graphical indicators that show in the Top-Level View for the executives to see what is on track and not.

    I would think this is possible but I am not familiar enough to make it happen. Please advise

  8. Rajeev Saini says:

    please explain how to restore BACKUP on other coputer  system or newly installed project server on same machine and change URL.

  9. Hi Rajeev,

    See my response to your other posting – and also review the great TechNet article from Robert Hoover at

    Best regards,


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