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One problem that our customers appear to be running into is checking in projects.  We do have a bug that appears to leave projects checked out when you wouldn't expect them to be.  But I suspect that in many cases it may be that the architectural changes to 2007 have caused some of this confusion - and the default view of the queue may well hide the true cause of the problem.

So - check out these different scenarios to see if this covers your issues:-

  • Project Professional says my project is checked out - but the server says it isn't.  This is one we are looking at a hotfix for - but there is a simple workaround that seems to resolve in most cases.  Open the project read-only, then close again.  This seems to push through a check-in and then it can be opened read-write.
  • The check-in says "Waiting to be Processed" and even using force check-in does not get it checked in.  The force check-in option should really be called request check-in - as there is nothing forceful about it.  It sinply puts a check-in request into the queue - but if the first one is just sitting there going nowhere then guess what - this second (third, fourth...) will not go any faster.  The best approach for this type of error is to look in the queue for any outstanding jobs for the same project.  If the problem happened yesterday (or before) then it may not show in the queue until you change the job history to include earlier dates.  Many times we will hear "but the queue is empty..." which may just mean no failed jobs still sitting there from today - but the failure could have happenend last week or last month!  Once you find the problem job then what should you do?  Well, that depends on the nature of the job.  If there is a save from Project Professional that is incomplete then getting the user who has the project checked out to open Project Professional and re-connect is the best approach.  Cancelling a job of this type will lose data!  Once you have resolved the initial issue and any other queued jobs for this project are processing (or cancelled if you really must) then the check-in should finally work.
  • If your symptoms don't match these scenarios then you may need to log a support call to get this checked out (if you will excuse the pun).

UPDATE: Thanks to Ed Hanna and Brian Kennemer for bringing it to my attention - but it appears that closing Project using the X in the top right can lead to check-in issues.  So best practice would be first to save and ensure that any communication with the server has completed (look in the status area after saving) and then using File, Close.

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  1. HIrvineiii says:

    I found this to be a problem with the Local Project Cache which is new to Project 2007.  If you go to Tools> Local Project Cache> Cleanup Cache, you can clean out any Project files that are checked out to you and also set them not to be locally cached which is (to me) seems to be the cause of the problem.  Once you do this, the file should show up as checked-in.

    Since I’ve done this, I’ve had no more difficulties with this issue.


    Harry Irvine

  2. Hi Harry, thanks for the feedback.  In certain circumstance this may work.  However, if the root cause of the problem is that the last save from Project Professional has somehow not completed then Cleanup Cache WILL LOSE YOUR DATA that has not been completely saved! Not all "not checked in" problems are equal.

    Best regards,


  3. Arun says:

    Does anyone now how to disable cache all together in project 2007? I thought I could just set the space to 0mb, but it seems 50 is the minimal requirements.  I don’t want my local project to cache anything.



  4. Sorry Arun – you cannot turn it off.  The save to server happens from the cache to the server message queue so is a key part of the architecture.  Are you having some problem with it?  Best to solve the root cause.

    Best regards,


  5. Arun says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I am having the very same problem mentioned in this tread. I have not pinned it done but I have various projects that have not checked into project server, when I launch project professional the status for the projects appear as “pending check in” and I can only view them in read only mode. After I cleared the cache, I was able to save, publish and check in the project, before I couldn’t. That’s why I want to disable local cache if that is the root cause of the problem.



  6. If you open them read-only and then close – do they then get checked in?  

  7. Chris Doyle says:

    Same issue. Tried clearing cache — didn’t work. At this point I am willing to delete the project, but it won’t do that until its checked in.

  8. shreyas says:

    Tried manually deleting cache enetries as well as cleared cache from Project professional,then also no success

  9. Hi Chris,

    If the project isn’t checking in then look for the root cause.  It may be there is an old queue entry that has not completed – you will need to change the displayed dates on the Manage Queue history settings and look for any entries for the project causing the problem.  Deleting the cache should be the last resort as you can lose data.


  10. See my reply to Chris’s posting.  Also as mentioned before, try opening read only then closing and not saving to see if this triggers the check-in.

  11. Pen says:

    We have a client who’s decided to take projects off-line while working on them. When done with revisions and updates on PRO they are reconnecting and publishing the projects. They hope that the connection and publish process will be more controlled hence less likely to cause these kinds of problems – particlarly from: a) Using the X to exit, b) losing connection to the server from a laptop while moving around wireless.

  12. JSandstad says:

    Hi Brian,

    I have discovered a bug relating to new Tasks created in My Tasks and their subsequent approval and re-publishing of a Project.

    Scenario: Team Leader creates and submits a new subordinate Task for a Project in their My Tasks area.  The new Task appears listed in their My Tasks.

    The PM recieves the task update notification and approves in their PWA.  The PM then opens the Project in Project Professional, adds additional information such as task sequence, saves and publishes the Project.

    The Team Leader receives an update e-mail outlining the task they created.

    The Team Leader then goes to update the completion status of this task, but finds that the task is no longer found in their My Tasks list.

    The task can be seen added to the project in Project Center.

    We have just gone live with this product on a $17 million job. Our Engineering Mgr is relying on his scenior engineers to add task detail using this process.

    Could you please assist…

  13. Hi,

    I can’t directly assist with specific problems via my blog – but suggest you check out http://support.microsoft.com and see what options are available for support.  For a $17M job I would have though some kind of support contract would be a good investement.

    I did try your scenario and did see similar behavior – but it was only because when I scheduled the new task in Project Professional it was then not in the "current tasks" range. Un-selecting "Show Only Current Tasks" enabled me to see the new task again.

    Best regards,


  14. Tim Wilson says:

    Anything new on this issue? We’re going live this week and are seeing this same problem. We have 25 PMs in training this week and all of their test plans show as checked in on the server, but locally show as pending checkin.

    After finding this blog, we are watching for the notice in Project Pro that all offline jobs are complete. Once we see that, we clean the cache and it’s all good.

    We don’t see any errors on the Project or SQL servers other than a note that it’s taking too many milliseconds to grow a log file.


    Tim Wilson


  15. faisals says:

    We are having significant issues to get the projects to check in correctly. I have cleared my cache, cleared the queue but the project is still showing up as ‘Checked in’ to me. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

    Thanks –

  16. -Richard says:

    Having all the same problems listed above.  Have also tried all of the suggestions above.  Same problems.  The extra little fun issue I have is that Proj Pro errors when I try to access the Local Cache Cleanup option.  So I can’t try cleaning the local cache.  Any suggestions?


  17. You may need to take the heavy approach and deleting the cache from the OS rather than through the UI. It may be the local cache causing the errors. It can be found at:-

    Vista – C:UsersbrismithAppDataRoamingMicrosoftMS Project

    XP etc. C:Documents and SettingsbrismithApplication DataMicrosoftMS Project

    Unless you have pointed it somewhere else.

  18. Francois Pienaar (www.mint.co.za. South Africa) says:

    Hi all,

    I can confirm that the we are experiencing the exact same check-in problems as mentioned above.  We have all adopted the ‘do not touch the x’ to close projects approach, but we still get the problem.  

    The only way to resolve this is to remove the local cache, via UI or OS.  We therefore lose work, but at least we can work on the plan.

    Brian, do you think this could somehow be related to fractions in the work / remaining work columns?  We have found that the problems above happen in certain instances only, which made us look into the data that is being passed in and out of the plans (via timesheets)

    The only shot in the dark that we have is that somehow a fraction is being logged and this somehow affects the local cache.  Sounds weird, but there is just no other explanation for this strange behaviour.

    Furthermore, I was wondering where we could find an official response from MS regarding the problems mentioned above?

  19. Sumit says:

    I am also facing the same problem. Tried all the workaround mentioned in the earlier comment. Finally what I have observed is that the Queue is not getting processed at all. What could be the reason for queue getting stuck ?

  20. Hi Francois,

    So does the workaround of opening read-only and then closing again not work for you?  I am not aware of a relationship to the update of fractional work – but if you get a good workaround I would love to hear it.  As for an official response from Microsoft – we are aware of this issue and hope to have a fix for this in SP1 when it is shipped.

    Best regards,


  21. Hi Summit,

    One reason may be the queue is not actually started.  You should see two queue processes (assuming you have just one shared services provider) and if you only see one in Task manager then I would suggest restarting the service.  It may not have started if SQL Server could not be contacted when the machine started up.  I have seen this in virtual environments.  For other queue troubleshooting tips look elsewhere on this blog.  It is rare that the queue is actually stuck – but individual jobs can block other activity – just a case of finding what those jobs are.

    Best regards,


  22. Saikat says:

    Hi Brian,

    Having the same issue and this thread help us get though. Just to confirm with you, if we see that the Active Cache Status is ‘Succeeded’ and we then clear the cache, do we still stand a chance of losing data?

    A force check-in of the project prior to this also showed a success status in the queue service.

  23. Hi Saikat,

    As long as all queue jobs related to that project and client are successful then you can clear the cache.  The cache is used for loading the projects too – assuming it has not been updated on the server – so it can be useful to keep the projects there, as it can make loading faster if you are working on a slow network.

    Best regards,


  24. qxie says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’ve tried the above method, but I still can’t fix my problem, which I encountered frequently these days. And my issue is that, I can’t force checkin a project(supposed project A here). I have checked the queue and canceled the relevant job; also, I try read-only open A and close it, but A still cannot be forced checkin. Is there any other idea to force checkin project A? Can I resolve it by clear the check-out ststus in database?

    By the way, project server SP1 is now available, I hope many bugs encountered now will be fixed in this shippment.


  25. Ed says:

    Hi Brian,

    Though not exact, we have experienced simliar issues.  They seemed to be resolved with the following procedure in Pro:

    1) Save the project

    2) Publish (if that’s intended)

    3) File>Close, responding “Yes” to checkin.

    If the last step is skipped by closing the window with the “X” or File>Exit (Alt>f>X), the project remains Checked-out.

    Hope this helps most, if not all.

  26. Ann says:

    No problems installing the SPs for Server or WSS 3.0 and the SP1 for Project Pro seemed to correct issues on my laptop but two other PMs are still experiencing the “Check-in Pending” when trying to open a project hours after the project was checked-in and shows checked in on the server side.  Any ideas?  Their local cache settings have been set at the minimun 50mb but their still having the same issue. They’re running the same OS and configuration I am and I’m at a loss at this point.

  27. Locus says:

    I have had a problem where a Job has got stuck on 93% complete, I have isolated the date that appears to be at issue, but the problem is the back up of the job occurred later that day.  It hangs on the same 93% as the original file which looks like it was shut and publish cancelled at this status.

    I can save the file, but not publish it and we have a bunch of time recorded against this project.

    What is the best procedure to recover the file without losing the data?, and what are the options. I have perused the blog and tried a number of the steps.


  28. Thorsten says:

    Still having the "checkin pending" issue.

    Server side shows the project is checked in. Only the client thinks it is still checkin pending.

    Clearing the local cache solves that problem.

  29. taersious says:

    Found this issue when I experienced a cross-up between my Admin account checking out a project and being unable to check the project back in.  Tried the “force” method, tried to delete cache, tried to create Project Server Account for use within Project (profiles) for the Admin account.  Now I have a check-in status of Cancelled and cannot save the project, open/edit the project or any other manipulation.  I am hard stuck w/out the ability to even delete the project and re-publish.  H E L P ???

  30. Hi Drew,

    Are you running SP1 or later?  Can anyone else see/open the project?  What error do you get? You probably need a support incident to helpget you back from this bad place.

    Best regards,


  31. Kristin says:

    Same problems, 20-40% of projects.

    Opening the read-only copy, waiting a few seconds, and closing works for me…and a lot of patients.

    I do not close project right after checking in a project.  I watch the processes closely at the bottom of the screen also.

    I will try now to close projects with File/close instead of "x".

    Good luck!

  32. Kristin says:

    Drew –

    can you do a file Save as and rename the project?  This will at least allow you to move forward with edits and publishing.  

  33. Michael Hunt says:

    If you close the active project, but not MS Project, you can view the status of the local cache and it will tell you the checkin succeeded. If you reopen the project file it works OK.

    Once you close MS Project, the next time you bring up MS Project and try to open the project file you get a checkin pending message. The open read-only generally works for me, but not always. Clearing the cache always works. I have never lost data, but it’s very annoying to have this problem pop up every day. What’s the value of the cache?

  34. Hi Michael,

    Sorry you are still running in to this.

    The cache is allowing you to get on with work on other projects during saves, and also allowing faster loading of projects – so it isn’t without value.  We are looking in to continued issues around check-in.

    Best regards,


  35. Michael Hunt says:

    Just did another check…

    I went to the folder where the cache files are stored c:documents….Cache and there were two folders there, one dating back to early March. I deleted everything in the cache (both folders), then opened up project and went through the save, publish, close routine. Everything works as expected.

    It seems that the cache gets corrupted and just cleaning it up from the menu is not good enough.

  36. Thanks for this Michael – I certainly agree that deleting from the OS is a good option (if you are sure you have nothing checked-out) and particularly when upgrading to a new service pack or hotfix.  The reason you may have seen two cache entries is that opening from PWA rather than direct in Pro will use a different cache.

    Best regards,


  37. mikaelr says:

    We are trying to get a project checked in, and the save job is stuck in a "getting queued" status, so we can’t check in. We are fine with losing data, so I tried canceling the save job, but it still just stays at getting queued status. Is there a way to manually cancel the job?

  38. Hi Mike,

    You need to also check the advanced option – Cancel jobs getting enqueued.  This is a double check before losing data to confirm you really want to do this.

    Best regards,


  39. Husni says:

    Have we got any Hotfixes or SP to resolve this issue? Our initial impression was that something wrong with our installation. Thanks to this blog, we know now it is a common issue.

  40. Hi Husni,

    The Infrastructure Update should address this – if you still see issues after this is applied to server and client then a support incident will help us to identify if there is a scenario we have missed.  

    Best regards,


  41. Pham Dinh Khai says:


    We have the same problem with local cache. My computer worked fine but other PMs faced the peding checkin issue.

    We have updated infrastructure udpate on Project Server and Project professional but we sitll face the problem

    The clear cache/delete cache files can work but it will happen again after that.

    Thanks for help.

    Best regards,


  42. Hi Khai,

    I am aware customers are still having issues with check-in pending and I think it is a timing issue around closing and opening Project.  When you close Project we now give a message to ensure any saves that are in progress get a chance to complete.  However this only waits for the save from client to the queue to complete – then the "real" save from the queue to the database happens – then any publish and check-in jobs.  So the client may be closed when the check-in completes and doesn’t get the message.  On opening it takes a little while for the communication to the server and the response for any updates on pending check-ins – and if the user does a File, Open immediately then they may see Check-in pending for a project that is really checked in.  This will not get updated while the dialog is open.  Either closing the dialog and re-opening – or opening a "pending" project (read only) and then closing should flush things through and get the project available. This is by far the best approach rather than clearing the cache as it does not risk any data loss.  The above symptoms may never appear on a very fast network, and may appear more often in a WAN situation where there is high latency between the client and server.

    Best regards,


  43. Pham Dinh Khai says:

    Thanks for your response.

    We faced checkin issue when our users worked in the office. I think the proglem may come from local cache because when I close my project, I saw that the project in server was checkedin successfully but the cache status said " checkin pending", I have to cleanup cache in order to open project in read/write mode.

    But when I close MS project completely and reopen MS Project  after 10 munites, I still see "checkin pending" in cache status but the project in server said checkedin. I have to cleanup cache (Tools – Local Project Cached – Cleanup cache…).

    The problem only solved when I delete cache file under MS Project folder.

    But the problem will have again after 1 or 2 week!!!

    Its very annoying for our users.

    I don’t know how to fix this problem completely.



  44. simplement says:

    Hi Brian,

    We have projects in purgatory as well.  We have SP1, and have requested the following hotfixes —







    Are there additional hotfixes that we should contemplate? We have also had projects stickt at 93% anything special about 93%?  We are a SPLA partner and plan on rolling out to customer and are rather flummoxed.  



    P.S. The PWA VSTS Integration is killer governance!

  45. Hi Mac,

    The 93% is usually associated with Summary Resource Assignments (SRA) – and there are some fixes in the October CU which has just been released.  Opening a support incident would also allow us to work with you to confirm exactly which issue you are running in to – as I am not keen to suggest fixes when I don’t know for sure it is for the right problem.  We still have some "check-in pending" work to do to totally get you out of purgatory – a little more patience needed from you I’m afraid.

    Thanks for the feedback on PWA VSTS – good to hear.

    Best regards,


  46. joseph says:

    After the force check-in i can now open the project in the read write mode,but some features are no longer working.I cannot save,publish,assign resourc and do a whole lot of other functions.I want to update the project,am the administrator and the owner of the project advice what do i do.

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