Project Server 2007 – Common installation problems

These are probably repeats for many of you reading - but based on personal experience there are still some people that haven't got these messages:-

  1. If you are going to run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 on the same farm then ALL servers need both sets of bits loaded - and preferably Office SharePoint Server loaded first.  Failure to do this will probably first be seen when provisioning fails for your PWA sites.  You don't have to run all the services on all the servers - but you just can't have a "Project Server" in a farm of SharePoint servers.
  2. If you do a one-click installation of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 (either using the Basic option, or then Advanced and Stand-alone) and then can't find your databases then chances are they are in a SQL Server 2005 instance called <machinename>OFFICESERVERS.  The one-click doesn't allow you to choose your database server - it creates a SQL Server 2005 Express Edition instance for you.  If this isn't what you want then best to uninstall and try again - this time using the Advanced, and then Complete - which does allow you to select your SQL Server.  This will still permit you to have everything on a single stand-alone server - but with the SQL Server of your choice.

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  1. aangas says:

    Hi Brian. Why  ‘preferably Office SharePoint Server loaded first’?

    Thanks for the blog, Alex.

  2. Hi Alex,

    In Project Server 2007 there is a feature called the proposals workflow that makes use of one of the built-in workflows of Office SharePoint Server.  If you install Project first then this feature will not automatically work on PWA instances you have already created before you loas Office SharePoint Server – but will work on any new ones.  There are a couple of workarounds – the first is to delete and recreate your PWA site – although this can lose any WSS data you may have created (issues, risks, documents and deliverables), and the second which I will probably blog about in the next few days does not risk losing any of you data.

    Thanks for the question.


  3. Robert Ninic says:

    Hi Brian,

    In the Tech Center, there is a passage that describes how PS 2007 can connect to 3rd party applications, and to SAP and Oracle instances out of the box. But nowhere is it described how this is performed or configured.

    Would you know anything about this?



  4. Great question Robert.  

    I’m not sure exactly which passage you refer to and "out of the box" means different things to different people.  Out of the box Project Server 2007 has a set of APIs called the PSI – which can be used to interface Project to other systems – but with the flexibility of both Project and SAP/Oracle there is no instant interfaces.  See the SDK for more details.  There are also many partners who can add tremendous value here – some who have products that fill this gap.

    Best regards,


  5. Marco says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’ve configured the SQL Membership Provider forms authentication for Project Server 2007, I’ve created a new user and added him to a Project Server Group.

    After a correct authentication by the provider, the form does not redirect to default.aspx page but to login.aspx again, without any error message.

    Would you know anything about this?



  6. I can only give you some general pointers here.  First I would check that the user validates OK through the WSS user configuration – Policy for Web Application as providername:username – then check on a basic WSS site and finally check with the Project Server user configured as an admin to rule out any permissions issues.  Hopefully one of these three steps should highlight where the error is.

    Best regards,


  7. Ashish Shinde says:

    Does any one has steps to add users in the SQL membership provider database using the Pjformsauthupdate.exe tools, the steps given in the Micorosft Document does not work, It give a error message that the tools works against SSL sites. If SSL is required how to configure SSL on the site.

  8. Hi Ashish,

    2nd question first – the most straightforward way to change your site to SSL is to use Alternate Access Mapping under Central Admin, Operations and set your address from http://server to https://server – after you have added a certificate to the site through inetmgr of course.

    If you use pjformsauthupgrade /? it should give a usage statement that may help with the required parameters – in case your documentation is out of date.

    Best regards,


  9. Michele says:

    I performed a test install and then deleted everything, and redid the host project server in a server farm environment.  Well now on subsequent installations it does NOT create the Draft, Published, Archive and Reporting databases.  No matter what I’ve done I cannot get these databases recreated. It’s like it has something in its brain to NOT recreate these dbs.  Any help or copies of the DB structures would be appreciated.  

  10. Shawn says:

    If I have a single SPS 2007 server for my internal intranet and I want to add a Project 2007 Server, what is teh best way to do this?  Make the new server an SPS 2007 farm member first and then install Project 2007 Server?  I just need some basic guidelines to get started.  Thanks…

  11. Hi Shawn – If you try installing Project Server it should recognize the type of installation and do the right thing.  Be aware however that the right thing may not be what you want.  If the initial installation was standalone and used SQL Express then you will also get this for Project Server.  Searching for Project Server Techcenter should give some good documents on installation.

    Best regards,


  12. Tony says:


    Ashish ran into an issue on April 17th related to an error with Forms Auth using the pjformsauthupgrade command. Here is the error I think he was seeing:

    “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0Bin>pjformsauthupgrade -log log.log -usersfile users.xml -url http://projectserverdev

    Unable to read configuration for site http://projectserverdev.

    PJFormsAuthUpgrade only works against SSL sites that have been enabled through Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.”

    I’ve installed Forms Auth without using SSL many times. I’m wondering if this error is related to using the PWA path as the host header. To test this I created a second instance and used the http://machinename/instance as the URL. Same command and same users file as above and the command worked. Is there anything special you need to do to run the pjformsauthupgrade command on an instance that uses the path as the host header?

  13. yangxiao says:

    It’s very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    How to connect to a express database instance?

  14. You should just be able to use the instance name – remember to set the instance to allow remote connections!

  15. Mike says:

    This is in response to Tony’s post above. We are also getting the “PJFormsAuthUpgrade only works against SSL sites that have been enabled through Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.” error. We are not using SSL, but I’m don’t understand what he means by not using PWA path as the host header. We use http://epmserver/pwa as the URL.



  16. If you are using something like http://epmserver/pwa then you are probably not using a host header. Host headers are usually used to give a different URL such as http://project which equates to the actual http://epmserver/pwa.

  17. Dilip says:

    Hi Brian,

    Could you pls point me to a documentation which details the steps for enabling the Workflow functionality when creating a new Proposal?

    Thanks and Regards,


  18. would be a good starting point.  The workflow feature requires Office SharePoint server to be installed as well as Project Server 2007.

  19. Peter Chow says:


    I am trying to conduct an evaluation of Project Server 2007 with Project Portfolio Server 2007. I am following both of the Deployment Guides, but the installer for Project Server has the “Complete” and “Web Front End” greyed out and it only gives me the option for a “Stand-alone” installation. I have SQL Server 2005, .NET Framework 3.0, WSS 3.0 installed on this machine already. The Project Server 2007 is from the June 2007 MSDN DVD.

    Is my MSDN license key restricted to a stand-alone installation only?


  20. Peter Chow says:


    I found the solution to the problem I had just posted from one of your other blog entries. It turns out that my installation of WSS 3.0 was causing the problem. After I uninstalled it, rebooted, then re-ran the Project Server 2007 installer the options are no longer greyed out.

    Thanks for maintaining this blog!


  21. Dan says:

    Having a number of issues install Project server 2007 with the required donet framework. initally installed v2.0 then upgraded to v3.0 – no joy. Removed v3.0 went back to two – manually created a web extension and set to allow (as it wasnt automatically present in the web extension list) no luck – still comes up with the “must set v2.0 to allow in web extensions”

    anyone else come upon this…?

  22. Adam says:

    Hi Brian,

    I am having problems trying to find the place where i can put in our external web address in Project server 2007. Right now its resolving as http://servername/pwa. Where can i change it so it will go to



  23. Hi Dan,

     Try the following command:-

    C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727aspnet_regiis.exe -i

    You will also need .NET 3.0 as the workflow in WSS uses the Windows Workflow Foundation.

  24. Hi Adam.

    Looks like you need to set a host header, and then also set this header within the setup details on Project Web Access Sites within Shared Services.  If you still want PWA after then Alternate Access Mappings in Central Administration will do the trick.

  25. Adam says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your response. I did find the Alternate Access Mappings part and added in the public web address under the zone “internet” and its still not letting me get to the site. Is the default port 44510? That is the one im changing this under. I’m not sure what you mean about the header within the setup details on Project Web Access Sites. I am new to Project Server, so all this is kinda weird to me 🙂

    Thanks for your help!!!


  26. Hi Adam,

    Assuming your PWA does not use a port then selecting AAM for Default Web Site, or Sharepoint- 80 and then setting your in the Internet section should work.  I would however advise using https if you are making this available on the Internet.  I also prefer not to make the SharePoint Central Administration or SharedService sites available on the internet.

    Hope this helps.


  27. Adam says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the tip there! Worked great! One question i do have that i can’t find any info on except installing it is the Outlook Add-in. I got it installed, and i put in the web address for project server and it says it can’t find it. Anything i put in there, its not finding it for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks!!!


  28. Scott says:

    I am trying to install PS 2007 from the MSDN CD. It only seems to install the SharePoint Service, not project server. what did I do wrong?

  29. Hi Adam,

    If the URL is exactly the same as you use for PWA then I would suggest troubleshooting on the server end.  Take a look at the IIS logs to see if the request is actually getting to that page – this might give some clues as to where the breakdown is.


  30. Hi Scott,

    I don’t have the MSDN CD in front of me to test this – but are you sure you didn’t get Project Server too?  Depending on the installation option there may be further configuration to do.  In SharePoint Central Administration, Operations, Services on Server do you see the Project Application Service?  Take a look at the TechCenter for Project Server for more documentation on configuration –

    Best regards,


  31. Scott says:


    THANK YOU. No I did not complete the install. The install docs should be more available.


  32. Ron says:


    I have installed Office Project Server 2007 on same machine and ran configure … Sharepoint products etc…

    http://domain/ for sharepoint and http://domain/pwa works good

    but when i installed Portfolio server 2007 and tried Attribute Mapping Template Management the error message was “Could not validate user ‘Admin’ for project server ‘Link Name’.”


    Fiji Gov.

  33. Ron says:


    I have installed Office Project Server 2007 on same machine and ran configure … Sharepoint products etc…

    http://domain/ for sharepoint and http://domain/pwa works good

    but when i installed Portfolio server 2007 and tried Attribute Mapping Template Management the error message was “Could not validate user ‘Admin’ for project server ‘Link Name’.”


    Fiji Gov.

  34. Hi Ron,

    It looks like your gateway is setup incorrectly.  You may want to review the deployment guide as it has some info there on correctly setting up the gateway but it does not have info on setting up templates. Aside from that you may have better luck opening a support incident and we’ll always be happy to help from there.

    Best regards,


  35. Scott says:

    I am needing help getting graphical indicators working in PS2007. Does anyone know where a good tutorial is?

  36. Rohit Gupta says:

    Hi to all,

    I am facing a problem that is while saving a project from project proffessional 2007 to project server 2007, it is taking too much time. Can anybody has any idea about this.



  37. terrygl says:

    Users of PWA or Project Pro 2007 are not able to view any Enterprise project file. PWA allows access, but Project Center says there are no views available. I can see the project myself, but the other users accounts should allow this also. I even tried giving full control to another user account and he still could not see the project. Please Help!

  38. Hi Rohit,

    How much is too much?  And what is taking the time?  The save happens first to the local cache, and then the local cache sync with the server and places the save in a queue, and finally the queue processes the save into the database tables.  If the project is large or very complex (many task custom fields), or the connection is slow, or the queue is very busy with other work this can all lead to a slow save.

    Best regards,


  39. Dan says:

    Hi Brian,

    I’m new to this Project Server thing and hoping that you can help me. Well I build the pwa with port 95 base on some old documents that provided to me. And to access it, I need to type http:\servername:95pwa

    My management does not like it and want me to change it to standard port 80 and set it to standard http:\

    I wonder where I start? Do I need to delete and recreate pwa?

    Hope you can provide me some assistance.


  40. Neil says:

    Okay, Brian, I give up.  I think I’m losing my mind.

    On my laptop, a brand new, fresh install of Vista.  A brand new, fresh install of Project Pro 2007, and of Outlook 2007.  On the server, a brand new, fresh install of Project Server 2007.

    Installed the Project Add-In for Outlook.  In OL, went to Options -> Project Web Outlook -> Advanced -> Enter login information and put in the same URL that I put into the browser on the laptop, which is (ugly, I know, but I haven’t mastered how to make it work without the /pwa part yet).  When I do that, the add-in says "The Project Server URL seems to be invalid.  Please check the spelling of the Project Server URL."  So I did, and it’s fine.  

    Remembered that someone else had posted about having a problem with their PWA site not being in their trusted site, tried that.  No change.  Even after a reboot.

    Thought maybe it was because I was trying to use a Windows account, so tried every possible combination of things I could think of for the Project Server account (meaning things that actually would WORK in Project Server), keep getting the same error.

    In a browser, this works from every machine on the network.  Outlook add-in, not so much.

    Any thoughts?  (And if you want to teach me how to remove the /pwa from my URL, I’d name my next kid after you – even if it’s a girl.)

  41. Hi Neil,

    I can’t see anything obviously wrong and you have tried all the troubleshooting steps I would suggest.  You could try the IP address or machine name rather than the fully qualified domain name if you haven’t already.  Other than that a support incident may help you get to the bottom of this one.  To get rid of the /pwa you can set a host header.  I don’t have a good reference document for this but the option is there when you create the PWA site.  I certainly won’t hold you to naming your next born Brian – especially if she is a girl!

    Best regards,


  42. Hi Dan,

    You could try Alternate Access Mapping in SHarePoint Central Administration, Operations.  This allows you to set other URLs that go to the current URL.  I haven’t tried this for moving between ports however.  You might just be better to start again.  If you don’t have any WSS sites created yet for document sharing (or anren’t using them) then you can provision a new site against the existing databases (after deleting the port 95 site) and all will be well.

    Best regards,


  43. hernandezz says:


    I intend to put a PWA site online, so that it can be accessed through the outside.

    The external address of the machine is working (,  and so is the internal one (http://utamaro). The

    External address accesses from within the network is also working very well ( by internal.

    These are the configured addresses at the Alternate Access Mapping:

    Internal URL: http://utamaro;   Zone:Default;   Public URL for Zone:


    Internal URL:;   Zone:Internet;  Public URL for


    Internal URL:;   Zone:Internet;  Public

    URL for Zone:

    When I try to access PWA through the exterior ( I am asked to login and put a password to connect. I put this information and go into the page, mas it doesn’t completely open. It keeps asking me to introduce new information and password with the following message:

    “The server at requires a username and password”.

    I cancel it and the process happens two more times.

    After that the page opens and everything is ok. However when I switch the page these data are requested again for three more times.

    Can you help me understanding the reason of this repetitive autentication? What do I need to do so that it stops happening?

    Many thanks in advance.


  44. Hi Hernandezz,

    This may relate to your IE settings.  Normally in the Internet zone the username and password is not sent, and the prompts appear.  The best option if you are happy to trust this site is to add the address to your trusted zone and this should resolve the issue.  If not then check the IE settings for User Authentication on the security tab (last in the list).


  45. Chris says:

    Just for a sanity check – when you state it needs to be installed on ALL servers – does that mean the database and index server as well?

  46. Hi Chris,

    Not the database servers if that is all they are doing – but I think if the index servers have MOSS bits then the Project Server bits would be needed too.  One test would be not to add them and check the ULS logs for errors.  I would imagine this scenario not giving any user errors but may give background errors in the ULS logs and event logs.

    Best regards,


  47. Amit says:

    Hi All,

    Can anybody tell me where can I find the installation document for project server 2007 for distributed enviornment.(using Project server web, Sql server 2005 on other server & SQL reporting server on other server so basically 3 server architecture)



  48. Hi Amit,

    This Technet page – covers different deployment scenarios.  The Farm deployment should be the one covering the topology you describe.

    Best regards,


  49. Vinay says:

    Cannot connect to the server ‘project server’. The server is either not started or too busy.

    I get this error message when I connect thru web and try to use data analysis. I can do everything else fine.

  50. Cesar Cruz says:


    I would greatly appreciate your assistance as I’m trying to configure an Extranet to access PWA and almost all articles that I read unfortunately contain partial information and most of them use an ISA server or reverse proxy which we do not use.

    I only found one reference to Project Server and it was a Visio diagram that reflects a recommendation but nowhere details the steps on how to implement the solution.

    I’m confused as the MS documentation states that you should only have on Central Administration Site which I would guess have to be internal but the Visio diagram shows it on the DMZ.

    I would greatly appreciate letting me know if I missed a document where they talk about this so I can implement it in my Lab or if you can provide some direction to the following questions:

    – Central Administration 1 or 2?    If 1 where?  (from the MS Visio diagram it looks like the install of Central admin, SSP and PWA is on the server in the DMZ and you extend the PWA site to the internal server which has a separate SSP.

    – If the MS Visio is correct, I need to open port 80 for PWA, 1433 for SQL server, 9999 for the Central Admin Site and 8888 for the SSP Site so the server on the DMZ can communicate to the internal servers.

    Thank You for all your help.

  51. James Boa says:

    Hello Brian,

    First off, Thank you for maintaining this Blog.

    I’m new to  Project Server 2007 and need help cause there is no documentation to be found. I just need to restore a customer Database to another environment of Project Server we have at the office so i can access some of the projects through Project Professional. I got to the point where i can view the data through the site but when i try to access through Project Professional i got an authentication error. When i try to add users through the manage users console i can add the users but when i go to check the list no users show up in my manage users list. i know they are there cause when i try to add the user again i get a resource in use error message. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! 🙂

  52. Hi James,

    Second poit first – I think the users are there OK, but over a certain limit the page looks blank and you need to use the search function.  So just put in part of the name and search should populate the list.  This was done for performance reasons – but we don’t do a good job of telling you where all the users went.  On the Project Professional authentication issue it sounds like a permissions thing.  is this also happening for the admin?  Try going in and editing and saving a user to see if this then refreshes the permissions in the new environment.

    Best regards,


  53. Mike Fossl says:

    After installing PS2007 onto a VPC environment, everything looks good except the Queue isn’t being serviced.  The ProjectServer Queue and Event services were disabled so I started them up with no result.  Any idea’s?

    THX,  Mike

  54. The ULS logs or application logs should show details if why these aren’t starting, which should help to troubleshoot the failure.

  55. Mike Fossl says:

    Hi Brian,

    The services are starting now as I’ve set them to automatic start.  They just having no effect on the Project Server queue entries that I see in the PWA queue mangement screen.  They sit there waiting to be processed, even number 1 on the queue.

    After a re-boot I’m getting no application event log entries.

  56. Hi Mike,

    See the queue postings or the article on TechNet for more details – but how many Queue processes do you see in Task Manager?  There should be at least two (and two event services).  If you ony see one then try restarting.  If you still only see one then the answer to it not starting the second instance (which does the work for the Shared Services Provider)should be in the ULS logs.


  57. Janet says:


    I am new to installing Project Server and we are encountering an odd error that I can’t find any help on anywhere.

    We follow the instructions for installing everything as closely as we can.  Everything seems to work fine for the first day.  As a member of the administrator group I have access to all the options in the Server Settings.  The next day or sometimes the day after that I start getting 403 forbidden errors on some of the settings.  It’s a standard IIS error page, not a Sharepoint or Project Web Access error page.

    The options I can’t get to are:

    Database Administration->Schedule Backups

    Cube->Build Settings

    Time and Task Management->Timesheet periods

    Time and Task Management->Timesheet Settings and Defaults

    Time and Task Management->Task Settings and Display

    Time and Task Management->Close tasks to update

    Queue->Queue settings

    Operational Policies->Additional Server Settings

    Operational Policies->Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization

    Any ideas why this would happen?  I can access all of the other server settings without a problem.

  58. Hi Janet,

    If you add other users to the administrators group do they see the same problem?  I haven’t seen this specific issue – the closest I have seen is problems saving backup schedules, but it doesn;t give a 403.  What is your server topology and what different accounts have you used during installation for the various services etc?  Have you changed any accounts since the install?

    This might need a support incident created to get to the root cause of this one.

    Best regards,


  59. jrolsma says:


    Other users get this problem when added to the administrators group as well.  We have the system set up as a small farm – one application server that is dedicated to Project Server and one SQL Server that is shared with other applications.  We only used 3 individual accounts – a farm admin account and 2 separate pool admin accounts.  The pool admin accounts are used for the ssp pool and the application pool.  Most everything else runs as the farm admin.  We pretty much used the defaults since we are pretty new to this and figured most of the settings would at least get us going.  The only thing we changed was to use NTLM rather than Kerberos.

    I don’t believe anything has been changed on the accounts since install but I don’t have any way to check our Active Directory myself and see.  I’ve asked our systems people but they say they aren’t changing anything.

    If you don’t have any ideas, I will definitely be opening a support incident to figure this one out.

    Thanks for your help!


  60. ecrhone says:

    Hello Brian, I am trying to setup a pilot for Project Server 2007. For the pilot, Project Server 2007, SharePoint Services 3.0, and SQL Server 2005 are all setup on the same machine. My Problem, I need a way to add users who do not work directly for my company so I am trying to use forms authentication. I have carefully followed(TechNet)directions, which uses SQL Server to house the user database, but SQL server just won’t cooperate. Is there a way to get forms authentication to work on a one machine environment. I am open to any solution that allows me to add users that are outside of my company.



  61. jrolsma says:


    Just thought I’d let you know, it looks like it may be an Active Directory issue of some sort.  When our dba connects first, it works fine for him and it also starts to work for me.  The next day it breaks again.

    That would seem to indicate that some permission is getting set and cached when he logs in but expires over night and I don’t have the rights to set it.

    I’ll let you know if we find the exact error.

    Thanks for your help.


  62. Aaron says:


    I have setup Project Web Access with SQL Forms Based Authentication.

    I have created the sites with host headers using SSL which I can access from a Web Browser no problems.

    However I am running into trouble importing a user using the PJFormsAuthUpgrade tool.

    The command I am using is:

    PJFormsAuthUpgrade -usersfile users.xml -url https://<hostheader>/pwa

    It returns the following message:

    You have specified a Project Web Access site which requires Forms Authentication. In order to access this site you need to specify a Forms Authentication Username and Password.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  63. Hi ecrhone,

    The SQL option should work – and you don’t say what issues you are having.  personally I find that using ADAM is more flexible and will work in the single server environment.  Take a look at for a couple of postings about using LDAP.


  64. Hi Aaron,

    One common mistake with FormsAuthUpgrade is not adding the membership provider section to the port 80/443 web.config.  Even though you probably use Windows auth on port 80/443 formsauthupgrade needs to get the membership provider from the port 80 web.config to work.

    Is this you problem?


  65. Ajith says:

    I had installed a PS2007 Server and Pro 2007 on a client machine. Cannot connect Pro to Server. Its leaves a Login failed message. PWA has been provisioned. But not able to access PWA through browser. “An Unexpected Error Occured” is the message—Pls Help… THanks in advance….

  66. Hi Ajith,

    I’m not sure what the problem might be, but the ULS logs should give some indication.  You can also turn on more meaningful errors by modifying the web.config for the site. give some excellent instructions for doing this.


  67. Mvanwyk says:


    Installed our Sharepoint 2007 and then Project Server using the using the one click installation option, the guys over here have been using the system now for more than a year already, with a bunch of project / documents / images…

    Now they’ve relized that it’s running using SQL Express, and would like to move it to SQL 2005 Standard Edition is this possible and how can it be done?

  68. Hi Mvanwyk,

    Probably the easiest way would be to take a full farm backup, and then re-install using the custom option where you can select your SQL Server.  Once you are back to a point where you have SharePoint and Porject installed – but not configured (just to the point of having Central Administration up and running) then you can do a full farm restore and change the database server name as you restore (also a good time to shorten the database names if you want.  Take a good look at the documentation for full farm backup/restore – and I would also suggest doing this with SP1 installed.

    Best regards,


  69. CP says:


    It looks like we’re having the same issue that you were.  Did you ever find a resolution?


  70. taersious says:

    Heya, Brian.

    I wonder if anyone has had this one:

    SharePoint runs fine (port 80). Central Administration lists 2 sites under Manage Project Web Access Sites (/pwa and :33250/pwa).  I cannot add a Project to either one.  I get a dialog box saying project cannot open the file and to check the file type and path.  The only odd thing I can put a finger on is the fact that the Project Server is the trial version.

    BTW, thanks for the BLOG.

  71. No sure what’s happening here.  What port is your SSP using?  Is PWA working OK?

  72. jesse says:

    Since I installed MS project 2007 on our webserver most of our sites are no longer accessible.(see error)

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Source Error:

    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

    Stack Trace:

    [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]

      Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUtility.AlternateServerUrlFromHttpRequestUrl(Uri url) +28

      Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAlternateUrl.get_ContextUri() +134

      Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.SPControl.GetContextWebApplication(HttpContext context) +131

      Microsoft.Office.Server.ServerContext.GetContext(HttpContext httpContext) +93

      Microsoft.Office.Server.ServerContext.get_Current() +29

      Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.PJLanguageManager.SetBestUICulture() +88

      Microsoft.Office.Project.PWA.PwaAuthenticationModule.Application_PreRequestExecuteAppHandler(Object oSender, EventArgs ea) +134

      System.Web.SyncEventExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute() +92

      System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously) +64

    If I uninstall the ms project server then I get a 404 for our existing sites.

    Any help woul;d be appreciated.


  73. Hi Jesse,

    What were your existing sites? You do not say what you installed Project Server 2007 on – apart from a webserver.  If you did a default install then possible port 80 is now "owned" by WSS 3.0 so this could be the issue.  After removing Project Server 2007 it is possible that the web site for port 80 is no longer active.

    Best regards,


  74. jrolsma says:


    We still have not fixed the problem.  It is definitely a permissions issue.  If I use an account that has local admin on the server when I access a site, then everyone else can get to the pages without a problem for about 24 hours.

    We’re going to go through the permissions with our AD person this week and if he can’t figure it out we’ll be submitting a support request.


  75. thegreenmachines says:

    Is there any chance you could send me the file PjFormsAuthUpgrade.exe. I am an developer and I would like to import users into the SQL Membership Database but I do not have Project Server. Here is my email,



  76. Hi Keith,

    I’ll check into this but my first  guess is that license restrictions will stop me from sending the tool – and I’m not even sure of the behavior without Project Server 2007.  There are some tools on CodePlex such as and I think some of this is moving into the Community Kit for SharePoint at

    Best regards,


  77. jrolsma says:


    The odd permissions problem is finally resolved.  We had been holding off on installing SP1 because we didn’t want to add to the problems we were already having.  

    We still don’t know what the original problem was but support had us install the service pack and that seems to have fixed the problem.  


  78. Jarvis Richardson says:


    I installed MOSS, Project Server 2007 and Portfolio Server 2007 on a single machine. Everything works fine except when I attempt to Map Attributes I get the dreaded “The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.” Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks for your help?

  79. Amit says:

    Hello Brian,

    I successfully restored the Project server 2007 data from one server to another from Central Admin > Backup & Restore .PWA is configued successfully.There is no error in ULS logs or eventviewr. but when I try to access my pwa from http://servername/pwa as per SSP, I cant get in. says

    File Not Found.

    Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

    I cant get into all admin pages via direct URL like


    so allpages under _layouts are accessible. but http://servername/pwa is not.

    pls help me out!!


  80. Ed says:

    Hi Brian,

    Remember me? LOL!  Don’t worry, you will in a moment.

    I’m looking for information on how to install a second instance of EPM on the same machines.  I’ll attempt to explain.  I guess the first question, to you, is “Is this possible”?

    Here’s my dilemma: I’m not going to get money to install a separate “small” farm (additional H/W) for doing “Sys” work.  That is, peeling back the proverbial EPM onion to conduct R&D and shoot problems – away from the other uses of our Dev environment (e.g. interfacing with financial and HR systems or other systems of record that feed our production environment).

    The current Dev environment for this deployment contains an existing instance of EPM.  I want to install a second instance on the same machines.  Here’s the current config, and what I’m thinking.  If using the second instance brings the box(es) down, that’s ok.  I just don’t want to corrupt the first instance.  In the days of old, you could create such instances more easily – it harkens back to the days of mainframes, LPARs and DASD, or additional subsystems resting in the same LPAR and on the same DASD.

    To the point: Dev Farm consists of 3 servers: 1 Office Project Server instance, one SQL box, and one dedicated report/analytics(cube)  server.  The QA and Prod environments build upon this config and contain more power and web front ends.  There’s a 4th Dev box dedicated to Portfolio Server because it had to be back-leveled to x86, in order to function.  The others are x64.

    I can get our network guys to open more ports, so I can drive dedicated URLs to the “Sys” region (and test that part of the equation).  I’ll need a second instance of MOSS (you already know why), get the second instance of EPM to use the second instance of MOSS, and provision a PWA and SSP with a separate PSI interface (Office Server Web Services).

    I have the room on all the existing boxes to do this: the SQL box to take care of the MOSS and PWA DBs, and more than enough to take care of provisioning a separate PWA and its DBs.

    My question is “Can I do this, or is it a pipe-dream”?

    Try to let me know, so I can drop it if it’s a waste of time.  If I need more extensive training in this discipline, please advise and I will seek it out.

    Thanks, once again, for your time.


  81. Hi Ed,

    You can’t have multiple instance of SharePoint running on the same servers without it being the same farm.  You can easily have extra PWA instances and even an extra SSP with its own PWA instances – but as you appear to want MOSS on the "new" instance that would mean needing MOSS on the existing servers too.

    You can certainly share the SQL, but that is anout it…


  82. Anton says:

    Hi, Brian!

    I have a configuration problem forms-authenticated, Issued a mistake

    C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0Bin>PjFormsAuthUpgrade.exe -creat

    eusersfile -log c:mydirforms.log -passwordlength 8 -url http://Project2007:2007/PWA -usersfile users.xml

    Error http://Project2007:2007/PWA not specified.

    This is a hub http://Project2007:2007/PWA whay it does not see?

    Help please!!

    Sorry for bad English ).

  83. Hi Anton,

    I can’t remember if this is the right error – but you do also need to add the forms auth details to the web.config of your base (Windows authenticated) URL which I’m guessing is http://project2007/PWA – assuming 2007 is the port for forms auth.  I would check that.

    Best regards,


  84. Cameron says:

    Where can I find instructions on how to install project server 2007 and analysis services both on one server? I am getting a error whenever I try to build a cube. I’m thinking its due to being on one server. Thanks in advance!


  85. Anton says:

    Hi Brian!

    I am new have created sites,in one application http: // project2007:80 (for PWA and WSS 3.0 Site Collection supporting Project Web Access), end enathe app. for SSP (http://project2007:10000).  

    I have DB aspnetdb, for old deploy (aspnet_regsql.exe -A m -E).

    Now at me site PWA to be on http: // project2007/PWA. I Extend the Web application http: // project2007 up to http: // project2007:81. Has added auth details to the web.config both sites in 80 port and in 81:

    <connectionStrings> <remove name = "project2007"/> <add name = "project2007" connectionString = " data source=; Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=aspnetdb "/> </connectionStrings>

    And then tape in cmd:

    C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0Bin>PjFormsAuthUpgrade.exe -creat

    eusersfile -log c:forms.log -passwordlength 8 -url http://project2007/pwa -user

    sfile c:users.xml

    Error http://project2007/pwa not specified.

    And again a get this Error!!

    I’m find this error in enathe forum (

    Plise HELP!

  86. Hi Cameron,

    Having all this on one server shouldn’t give you any issues.  Make sure you have all the latest releases of the required components.  See for general details – nothing special needed if all is on the same server.

    Best regards,


  87. Hi Anton, What do you get if you specifiy the http://project2007:81/pwa as the url? Also you shouldn’t need to use the createusersfile if you already have a users.xml file – or is this a migrated site?

    You may need to open a support incident if we can make progress on resolving this via the blog comments.

    Best regards,


  88. Kashif says:

    Hi Brain and Jarvis,

    were you able to solve the following issue?


    I installed MOSS, Project Server 2007 and Portfolio Server 2007 on a single machine. Everything works fine except when I attempt to Map Attributes I get the dreaded "The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found." Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks for your help?"

    I really appreciate your help in this matter, as I am facing the exact same thing.

    Please also send me your response directly to


  89. Travisj says:

    This is a great site, some help for others perhaps:

    – i hit several snags making my PWA available across multiple subnets of a large network.

    solution: go to the central administration page, then operations, click on alternate access mappings and check that your default site is not using a netbios name, but instead change it to the ip address

    during this adventure, i realized i could not use the outlook addin url if i used the ip address, only the netbios address works, causing only people on the subnet of the server to access project data via outlook.

    any ideas?

  90. Tarik Ustuner says:


    I have really bad problem for project server 2007. I just installed project server 2007 evaluation on our server. But i can’t save any project on it. What should be a problem. Do you have any ideas about that. I always receive error id 42.

  91. Hi Tarik,

    Error 42 is very generic – I would suggest opening a support incident.  Do you get this error when working on the server itself?

    Best regards,


  92. RyanH says:

    PWA  "File Not Found" page work around.

    I see a couple of people here reporting this issue. I too had this occur during a restore/migration of my production server to a test environment. The Restore completed successfully but PWA kept giving "File Not Found" .. After smacking my head against this for a few days I realized this was an addressing issue as I could access the site settings pages via _layouts virtual path but it would not resolve the site pages (ie default.aspx). After thinking on this I realized the only difference between my production system and this one was the Host Header address, so I added the Original host header address into the Alternate Access Mappings in addtion to the Default new address (despite the fact I specified the new address for the PWA application during the restore) and presto everything worked.

    This seems more a work around than a fix but there isn’t really any harm in having the additional AAM since my DNS server still points to the production server.

  93. Brin says:

    Hi Brian,

    Hope you can help.  I have an instance of Project Server 2007 and MOSS 2007 running on Virtual PC on the one PC.  Both are standalone installations.

    My problem is in accessing the servers from the internet.  The MOSS server is on port 80 and I have set up filters to pass requests through to the MOSS server IP address.  This works fine from the internet.  Simple NAT.  No VPN involved.

    The problem I have is accessing the Project Server.  I have set up a PWA page on port 37467 and disabled port 80 in IIS config.  Locally I can access the PWA page aok on  http://epmserver-pj:37467/pwa.  However when I set up a filter for this on the router I do not get through to the project server. I get asked for a username and password and then nothing.  Firefox gives me an error telling me I am talking to MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices so it looks like I am getting past the router.

    Any ideas why I cannot log on ok from outside the local network.  Banging my head against a wall on this one.

    Many thanks,


  94. Anton says:

    Hi Brian!

    My problem if you remember : Error http://project2007/pwa not specified !

    You is write me: "What do you get if you specifiy the http://project2007:81/pwa as the url?"

    What do you mean, How i can specified site????

    Plise Help, im instaled all whay It is described in Technet

    And "Configure SQL Membership Provider forms authentication for Project Server 2007"

    And it is not WORK!!!!!!

  95. Hi Anton,

    Forms Auth is usually added to a zone – whcih is usually not the default port 80 – so you would specify :81 in the URL if the forms auth was configured on port 81.  You may need to open a support incident as this will be tricky to troubleshoot via the blog.


  96. Hi Brin,

    Project Server is a little more "needy" in terms of DNS and this may be the cause of your problem (and we also block non IE browsers to PWA so this doesn’t work – but should give a better error message).  It is possible that specifiying an Alternate Access Mapping may help – or using an entry in your  hosts file.  WSS and MOSS will generally work fine, but the extra authorisation steps that Project Server goes though cause redirects – and if the host it is redirecting to cannot be found then you will fail to connect.  Are you seeing the URL change when you try to access PWA?


  97. Thanks RyanH for the AAM workaround.  I have seen this too, and have even faked customer addresses that give me this issue in support by adding to AAM and the host file.  The strange thing in my case was that it never actually seemedto go the the address, but just needed it to be resolvable.  Definately just a workaround – really we need to identify the root cause and fix it.

    Best regards,


  98. aramire says:

    Hi Brian,

    This is Angela in Albuquerque again.   I got subscribed!!! 🙂    I have one more question regarding running in a virtual environment.  In your e-mail you stated that the only supported virtual environment is using Hyper-V.    We are in a VMWare environment.  

    I had called MSDN a couple of weeks back and asked them about using VMWare and they stated it was okay.  

    Do you have any comments about using a VMWare environment to run Project Server 2007???   And any comments about moving from a large single server deployment to a SQL server farm deployment again in a VMWare environment?



  99. Hi Angela, glad the subscription worked.  Currently for VMWare and Premier customers will we provide support on a "commercially reasonable" basis – which isn’t the full deal, and usually we will request any issue is reproduced outside of the VMWare environment.  

    However, I understand once VMWare gets certified they will be a 1st class citizen in the virtualization support sense.  

    Here are some details from Dan Winter’s blog – "There are however many things to know about the extent of what is supported.  Obviously we will be supporting our own Hyper-V solution, but beyond that, we will also be supporting SharePoint running within SVVP certified solutions.  As of the time of writing this, we only have one partner that is SVVP certified, Novell, Inc.  The list is maintained at  We do have a number of vendors who are working on becoming certified though, currently:

      Cisco Systems, Inc.

      Citrix Systems, Inc.

      Sun Microsystems

      Unisys Corp.

      Virtual Iron Software

      VMware, Inc.

    If things go well, we will see more of these vendors go from one list to the other–which will provide you with more options to suit your needs.  None-the-less, this is an exciting time for virtualization and SharePoint, and only paves the way for bigger things."

    Dan’s blog can be found at

    Best regards,


  100. Aymiee says:

    Brian, I am having the same issue of Aarons:

    When running the pjformsAuthUpgrade.exe – I get the error:

    You have specified a Project Web Access Site which requires Forms Authentication.  In order to access this site, you need to specify a forms Authentication Username and password.

    Any ideas?  I do have the membership provider in the web config of both port 80 and 443

  101. Joel says:

    Struggling through the setup of forms auth on a newly-installed project server instance (single machine).  It seems close to working, but when I enter the name and password on the Sign In form, IE pops up a Connect to <hostname> authentication dialog.  Surely this isn’t supposed to happen?  Can anyone think of what misconfiguration would cause this?

  102. Hi Aymiee,

    Sorry for the delay – and you may already have an answer (hopefully).

    If you are specifying a url that is requesting a forms auth account then this will already need to exist.  Usually you run against a Windows auth url (say 80, 443) and the forms auth is an extension of this (81, 444 for example).

    Best regards,


  103. Hi Joel,

    This might happen if the site you are using isn’t set to allow annymous access – so it is prompting for a user account.  I’d check your settings again for the forms auth site – either IIS Manager or the web.config.

    Best regards,


  104. Maciej says:


    I get the same problem with the information poping-up "You have specified a Project Web Access site which requires Forms Authentication. In order to access this site you need to specify a Forms Authentication Username and password."

    I did everything exactly as writtem on ";

    but I don’t know why I am having this problem…

    Can anyone direct me please?

  105. Hi Maciej,

    Is your web site set for a method of authentication other than Windows?  Have you extended to another port and set this for forms authentication? The link you sent isn’t resolving to a specific article for me currently.

    Best regards,


  106. Henry says:

    Hi Guys,

    Wonder if someone can assist.

    I installed a Project Server 2007, and all work fine from inside the network. When accessing the server from outside the network ( work fine.

    But when I access the PWA site ( I receive a page error page "An unexpected error has occurred.

    Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services."

    But like I said all working fine inside the network.

  107. Hi Henry,

    Is the name resolvable from outside, and is the FQDN set up in Alternate Access Mappings?  WSS can get to a site through an IP address, but PWA will try and redirect to a URL defined in AAM.  Also getting the full error by turning off custom errors, and allowing the stack trace may get a better error to troubleshoot.

    Best regards,


  108. Foued says:

    Hi There,

    I have trouble with the installation of Project Server 2007.

    It doesn’t complete the "Sharepoint products and technologies Configuration WIZARD"

    at the 8 / 10 step it gets out and give an error.

    In the system events it mentions an accessdenied error.

    Do i need to install Sharepoint server first ?

    do i need to install SQL 2005 on the same server ?

  109. Hi Foued,

    You don’t need SharePoint first, and you don’t need SQL on the same server.  Can you see what access is being denied?  You user should be a box admin – and any SQL access is generally early on (Step 3 creates the config db) so not sure SQL is the issue.  The logs at c:program filescommon filesmicrosoft sharedweb server extensions12logs may also help you – the ones that start PSConfig…

    Best regards,


  110. Chase says:

    This is interesting.  I have 3 WFE/App servers with the first two running Project Svr bits and the third running all the search/crawl functions.  This was per our "consultants" and echoed by several MS Premier Project Support people due to the "conflicting" timer jobs that can occur.

    I have had so many different arguments made to me on so many different ways to have bits installed it would be nice to have actual solutions documented for each occurance.

  111. Hi Chase,

    I have certainly heard of exceptions from the "all the servers, all the bits" rule for a search/crawl server not having the project bits – but haven’t personally tested this scenario.  Great feedback on some very required documentation!



  112. says:


    Hi. My problem is related to configure SQL Forms Authentication in Project Server. The installation is composed by one BD Server (SQL2005Std with Analysis Services) and one application server (PWA, WSS3). I’ve followed the steps from the deployment manual (AM101638601033.doc) but when I try to import the file (with just one created used) I got the following error:

    C:ARCHIV~1MICROS~112.0BINPjFormsAuthUpgrade.exe -log forms.log -url http://vm-w2003app/pwa -usersfile users.xml

    Exception occurred: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.

    System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.

      en Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.FormsAuthUpgrade.UpgradeUsers()

      en Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.FormsAuthUpgradeApp.Main(String[] args)

    Any suggestions?. I’ve repeated the whole process but I got the same error.


    Carlos Negroni

  113. Hi Carlos,

    Have you updated the web.config for both the extneded (forms auth – from the documentation port 81) site as well as the Windows site (usually port 80).  Both need to know about the forms auth configuration as the pjformsauthupgrade is running as a Windows user.

    Best regards,


  114. says:


    Hi, I did it. In fact my problem is the following: I installed a development environment with Project Server 2007 SP1 (farm installation in single PC) and a production environment with Project Server 2007 SP1 (farm installation with 2 PCs: a DB server and an applications server). In the single farm the process to enable SQL Forms Authentication worked and I followed the same steps in the production environment (the only difference was the connection string, instead of a local server, ie, I put the BD server name) but it failed with the previous message. Is there something else I should change in a farm environment?.


    Carlos Negroni

  115. Hi Carlos,

    The only difference I can think of for the farm is networking and firewalls blocking access (or name resolution).  But then this would be the least of your issues.  You might check the IIS logs and a SQL Profile trace to see just where the process is failing.  At least you have a working system for comparison.

    Best regards,


  116. says:


    Hi, I solved my problem so I’ll explain what I did because maybe it could help somebody else. Well, I created some scrips (.bat files located in a folder different to the folder where PjformsAuthUpgrade.exe resides) to run the commands needed to enable SQL Forms Authentication and I got an error message when I run the scripts. At the end I decided to modify the scripts deleting the path to PjformsAuthUpgrade.exe and placing the scripts directly in the folder where PjformsAuthUpgrade.exe resides and then I could run the scripts and I was able to complete the process.

    By the way, is there a way to change the url of Project Server?. Actually is http://v-web07/pwa but we need to change that by or (if I edit the PWA site the ‘Use Project Web Access path as host header’ checkbox is disabled). Any suggestions?


    Carlos Negroni

  117. Mark34 says:

    Hi all,

    I have had this problem for a few days now.And what keeps happen is i keep getting this message "This program is blocked due to compatibility issues.please help as i am stumped

  118. Mark34 says:

    Hi All,

    Please can i ask for your help..I’ve been trying to install project server 2007 on to windows 2008 base o/s and i have install IIS and aapliaction server and sharepoint 3.0 however i keep getting this message"this program is blocked due to compatibility issues.i would appreciate your su[pport


  119. Hi Mark,

    Sometimes this will be due to Service Pack requirements.  For example I have seen this when working on Server 2008 R2 and installing SQL Server 2008.  In this case it gave me the option to run the install anyway, and then I needed to load SQL Server 2008 SP1.  In other cases you may need to prepare a slipstream install that includes the service packs.  You should find info on TechNet regarding preparing a slipstream installation.

    Also worth reviewing the installation logs as they may highlight the specific issue.

    Best regards,


  120. AT says:

    I am trying to install PM 2007 server on a guest Hyper-V 2008 server.  I’ve installed all updates from MS for server and Sharepoint 2008.  I receive this error when I run PM 2007 setup.exe:  program blocked due to compatibility issue project 2007 server.  I’ve checked the updates for Sharepoint server and all appears up to date.

    What next?



  121. Are you running a standalone installation AT?  It might be complaining about the SQL 2008 issue mentioned above.  You should be able to continue and load SP1 later, or slipstream, or do a complete install after loading SQL seperately.

    Best regards,


  122. BillV says:

    Good morning…

    I am having some issues provisioning a PWA site using a 3rd party membership provider, and was hoping that someone could help.

    Current configuration – I have a SP web application setup for https (443), using a this custom 3rd party membership provider and I have a site collection setup and working. I am able (through the people picker) to resolve users using "CustomMembershipProvider:name" convention. This is working great.

    Also, I am not running different security settings; everything is running as "Default" (meaning, no windows authentication.

    OK… so, here’s the problem. I go to my Shared Service Provider, and go to provision a PWA site (in the web application that is using the custom membership provider) and I receive the following error message for the ‘Administrator Account’ – The administrator account specified is not valid. Specify a valid account and try again.

    I have tried entering a user (using the same CustomMembershipProvider:name) convention (that worked in the existing site collection; that did not work. I also tried using the original windows account that I used to install Project Server 2007; that did not work also (which is sort of expected, since the SP Web application is configured to only work with the custom membership provider).

    Any help would be most appreciated… 🙂


  123. Hi Bill, I’ll find out if this is a supported configuration for Project Server 2007 and if this would be expected to work.  I must admit I’ve only configured 3rd party authentication providers as addition ones to Windows – and not seen anyone configure exclusively with a 3rd party provider.  I guess you should be able to extend your 443 site to another port, and set Windows as the authentication and use this for provisioning (using a Windows account) which should then work for both the extended site and 443.

    Best regards,


  124. BillV says:


    Thank you so much… I greatly appreciate your help.


  125. BillV says:


    Good afternoon… Just wanted to check in to see if you have heard anything from Microsoft. I definately need to configure this running within the 1 SP web app; not using a dual-zone site.

    Thanks again… I greatly appreciate your help,


  126. Hi Bill, Firstly I am part of Microsoft – just in case you thought I wasn’t :).  In the deployment guide at we state:

    In the Administrator Account section, type the Windows user account that will be given administrative credentials to the Project Server instance.

    It isn’t possible to use a forms based account here.  We may not say this as explicitly as you would like – but it does have to be a Windows account.  Again, using different ports for the installation and usage may be the only way you can acheive what you need.  I am not sure if you could change the authentication type after provisioning – but this wouldn’t be a tested or supported scenario (but may work).

    Best regards,


  127. BillV says:


    Thank you so much for the information. 🙂 I will definately try (as you suggested) to extend my secure webapp with a Windows-based security zone to provision the PWA site, and try to then retro-fit the authentication type.

    I’ll definately let you know what I find out!

    Thanks again for the advice.


  128. BillV says:


    Great news… I extended my secure WebApp with a default Windows auth web app and was able to provision a PWA site successfully in the secure WebApp. I am assuming that Project Server was smart enough to look at both security zones and pick the windows one to match up the windows based Administrator account.

    Anyway, I then had to "disable" my customMembershipProvider temporarily in order to login to the PWA site (using the Administrator windows account). I was then able to add in my CustomMembershipProvider:user because Project Server does not force the validation of that user until it is used. I then switched the secure site back to my CustomMembershipProvider, disabling windows authentication and everything worked awesome. Project Server picked up the CustomMembershipProvider:user and now I can move forward.

    Thank you so much for the tip! You saved me a ton of work.


    On a somewhat related note… I am now trying to edit the PWA site using SharePoint designer. After getting around the onet.xml issue, I am not getting an error when I try to open the site in SharePoint DESIGNER. The error says that "the page requires a client certificate."

    I have my certificates installed into my IE browser (which is how I have been accessing the site), but it appears that SharePoint does not pick this up. Are there any settings you know of in SP Designer to help me overcome this?

    Thank you so much… I sincerely appreciate your help.



  129. Hi Bill, we don’t support editing the PWA site in SharePoint designer – so "getting round the onet.xml" issue is actaully not a good thing to do.  You can break our pages with SPD and that is why we block it.  For the project workstpace sites you shouldn’t have any issues – but for the PWA pages it is blocked for a reason.

    Glad the auth stuff worked out for you.

    Best regards,


  130. BillV says:


    I completely understand… I think I used ‘PWA Site’ when I actually meant PWA site collection. I am experiencing the same issue trying to edit/ access other sub-sites that I have created "outside" of the PWA site, although in the same site collection.

    Thanks so much,


  131. Bill,  we do only block the PWA "site" where our menus etc live.  If for instance you have a Project Workspace (or site is the name we will be using for 2010) then you should be able to connect with SPD to that – such as http://servername/pwa/project1/default.aspx.

    Best regards,


  132. BillV says:


    Thank you so much for all of your help. 🙂 I do have one more question related to using a 3rd party authentication provider with both Project Server and Project Client Professional 2007.

    Background: I have my Project Central Server setup using the 3rd party membership provider, and all of my usernames are using the format (CustomMembershipProvider:name). Everything works okay using the PWA site, etc.

    However, when I try to create a "new" project using the PWA site, Project Server tries to open the client side MS Project to create the project. While this should not be an issue, all of my users are logged into their machine using Windows authentication (NETWORK/name), not the 3rd party authentication (CustomMembershipProvider:name).

    So… all that said, my question is, how can I configure Project Professional 2007 to connect to Project Server using the CustomMembershipProvider:name convention instead of the Windows account that the user is logged on as. I have tried entering CustomMembershipProvider:name using "forms" authentication, but that does not work. The only successful way that I can connect to Project Server right now is to use the windows account. And while this does "technically" work, I receive a warning message from Project Server indicating that the accounts do not match.

    Thanks so much for your help.


  133. phani says:

    hiii this is phani…i installed project server 2007,moss 2007 wss 2007 and sql server 2005(analysis & reporting ) on the sAME machine.but the problem is i could not install project portfolio server ..i tried to create a website from iis.but i am getting a parameter incorrect error.and i tried to install portfolio server 2007 sp1 and i tried to enter the url its showing page cannot be displayed or page not found.could you please provide us a solution so that we could sort it out the problem easily.

    thanking you in advance..,..


  134. Gokul says:

    I have built a single Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit VM.  On this I have installed SharePoint Server 2010 Beta in standalone mode and all the 64 bit versions of the Office 2010 client applications including Visio, Project Professional and SharePoint Designer 2010.  

    I then attempted to install Project Server 2010 on top of this and the installation completed successfully, however, when I run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard I get:

    Sample Data cannot be created


    I have rebooted the machine and rerun the wizard and get the same error in the same place.  What can I do to resolve this.

    – Gokul Rajan

  135. Ron says:

    This Program is blocked due to compatibility issues when attempting to install Project 2007 after installation of SharePoint Server 2007

    I have slipstreamed and extracted the following files


    OfficeServer2007sp2 -kb953334

    wssv3sp2 – kb953338




    The SharePoint Server was installed with no issues

    Whenever I put the CD in for Project 2007 I get the above message

    This is a brand new machine Windows 2008 R2 with no service pack

    What am I missing through all the blogs it looks like I am on the correct trail but it won’t let me install

  136. Hi Ron,

    What version is already in place?  You might need a support incident to help you get this resolved as I( don’t have an answer off the top of my head.

    Best regards,


  137. BillV says:


    Good morning… I hope you had a great holiday. 🙂 Just wanted to check in and see if you had a moment to review my question (3 posts up)? I’m really hitting a dead-end, and would really appreciate any guidance you could provide.



  138. Hi BillV,

    I haven’t tried this with 3rd party providers – but can you connect if you create a profile/account that has the right "forms name" already entered?  If so, and this is the default I’dhave thought this should work.

    Best regards,


  139. Rick says:


    I’m looking for information on cross-version compatibility of Project 2007 SPxyz / CUxyz vs. Project Server SPxyz / CU xyz.

    It appears that a Project Client 2007 RTM can work ok with a Project Server 2007 SP2 + CU Oct 2009, but I cannot find any hard info on that. Do you have any pointers?

  140. Jojo says:

    We installed project server and pwa 2007, set up the server connection under Tools, Enterprise Options.

    However, I am unable to get a test project to publish to project server because the Publish button under File is greyed out and these other options under Tools -> Enterprise Options are greyed out:

    Open Enterprise Global

    Open Enterprise Resource Pool

    Import Project to Enterprise

    Import Resources to Enterprise

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  141. Hi Jojo,

    Does the status of your Project Server actually say connected?  Can you save and open from the server but just not publish?  If so then what user permissions do you have?  If you are not seeing any connectivity to the server then I would check that either the connection you created is the default, or you check the option to allow the choice of connection.

    Best regards,


  142. Jojo says:


    The connection was the problem. The Enterprise options are now working.

    Do you know of a great book on Project Server 2007 installation you can recommend?

  143. Hi Jojo,

    I don’t have a specific one – as I worked on the beta team for 2007 and now 2010 I have installed more times than I care to remember, so reading a book on it would not be good bedtime reading for me.  We have some walk through videos on at, and my colleague Christophe has made some recommendations on his blog – just knowing the authors I’d give a call out for the ones Gary Chefetz mentions, and the QuantumpM publications.

    Hope this helps,


  144. I´m having this strange problem, where going to Project->Project Info, on windows vista + ms project 2007 + sp2, the users cannot pick/view the custom fields, on that – "Project Info" window.

    You can releate to this url, for screen shoots:



  145. Hi Duarte,

    I haven’t seen this specific issue.  I know there have been problems with lookup table values not being correct, related to local cache problems – but this feels more like a platform problem.  Probably need a support incident to get to the bottom of this one, but worth loading the latest CU for Project Professional first, and cleaning the local cache – just in case.

    Best regards,


  146. BillV says:


    I agree that it should work… I have been trying to work with Microsoft to resolve this; evidently the client (Project 2007 Professional) is not aware (or able) to pass the client’s certificate as authentication. I keep receiving the error (bad username/ password) when trying to configure the client, even though I put the CustomMembershipProvider:name in the username field…

    Just wanted to see if you had any other thoughts on this… Microsoft tried to point me to a cumulative update (released in April of 2009) as a potential long-shot solution; I think that is where Microsoft fixed this problem with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Office 2007.

    Thanks again,


  147. Ed says:

    Brian, a follow-up to Bill’s lastest.  I have installed Project Server 2007 and have set up the PWA site to require Client Certificates, as PKI certs are the only approved method for authenication at my firm.  We have client cert mapping to Active Directory enable in IIS.  Going to the PWA site through IE works fine, however when I try to connect through Project 2007 Prof, it prompts me for a cert, then errors out with bad username/password.  Can you not authenicate through Project to Project Server using just client PKI certificates?  Thanks for any help.

    – Ed

  148. Mike says:

    I’m new to Project Server 2007.  

    I just installed Project Server 2007 SP2 w/April 2010 CU, MOSS 2007 SP2

    w/April 2010 CU and WSS 3.0 SP2 w/April 2010 CU on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

    All is well… Project Server website loads,  I’ve added a few co-workers as


    When one of the Admins publishes a project,  we are not able to view it in

    the Project Center.   Mind you, the couple users that are setup are Admins.  

    The Catagories and Groups are still the default, which means Administrators

    and Executives have the ability to View Projects in Project Center.

    This is the message we get:

    Project Center cannot access the project(s) you are trying to view. It is

    most likely that you either don’t have permissions to view the project,

    another user has deleted this project(s) before you were able to view it or

    that another user is in the process of publishing the project.

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