RESOLVED! ActiveX Component Can’t Create Object: Cube build failure against SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

The original posting is still repeated below to help with other's troubleshooting.  I uninstalled the client tools to double check if the original instructions were OK.  It turned out that I didn't have the SQL Server 2005 Management Objects installed - even though when I tried loading it again it told me I hade a "higher version". (It also didn't show in Add/Remove in control panel - my clue to home in on this component). 

To find out more about this "higher version" message I re-ran the msi with the /l* <logfilename> parameters to get a more complete log file.  This identified a component that was triggering the "higher version" message.  So I searched the registry for this GUID and identified it as the SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies - which is a neat add-in to get SSRS report libraries in SharePoint and is a SQL Server 2005 SP2 feature.  I uninstalled this add-in and could then load the Management Objects.  I re-applied SP2 and then I could build cubes!

The specific thing that identifies this issue is that in Process Monitor I found that the system could not find the key HKCRCLSID{554BBCA3-925F-4797-9460-2421A8CD7030} - I guess that the client tools has the bits I needed - as well as the Management Objects.

I then re-loaded the SharePoint add-in and it said a lower version was present; did I want to upgrade - so somehow these two components are tied together.

UPDATE - re-installing the add-in removed the key again and cube building breaks!  Remove it and add back the Management Objects and all is OK.  I'll search for a workaround that enables both to coexist...


I've been working on my own servers and testing cube builds to remote servers this week, and one of the combinations of servers gave me this error - ActiveX Component Can't Create Object.  I quickly fell in to the "one error - one solution" trap and assumed I hadn't installed the components required - so re-visited the KB and checked.  They were all apparently there.  So I compared to a running system and ran Process Monitor to try and catch the differences.  It seemed the first failure point was trying to find Microsoft.AnalysisServices.DLL and the working server had this as it also had the full install of Analysis Services 2005 - even though for my tests I was building a cube on a remote server.

The long and the short is that I then loaded the client tools for SQL Server 2005 on my application server and it all started working.  Not sure at this stage if it came from the management tools, connectivity tools, SDK or the legacy components - but I will have a look around next week and see what more detail I can find.  I'm not keen on giving workarounds like loading a set of stuff you don't really need - but if it gets someone out of a hole...

One of the purposes of my work is to get a new KB together that serves for Project Server 2007 the way that KB 921116 serves for 2003.  We usually refer people to this KB even for 2007 - but the hotfix part of the KB is irrelevant for 2007 - so it can get confusing. I'd like to get to the bottom of this particular issue and cover as many failure modes as possible.

If you haven't used Process Monitor then it is a cool tool.  A combination of filemon and regmon that shows all file and registry access and you can track what accounts are doing what.

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  1. Xabier Cazalis says:

    This happened to me while trying to migrate an Analisis services 2000 DB/Cube to 2005 using the migration wizard. The error occurred in trying to locate the origin server. I tried this solucion and it did not work. Do you have a workaround

  2. Hi Xabier,

    Check for the latest updates for the SQL Management pack and also refer to the article which has the latest information.

    Best regards,


  3. Tricia Tyler says:

    Hi Brian,

    You mention in your update you were looking for a workaround.

    I’m experiencing this issue.  Is there a way to get SSRS Add-in for Sharepoint and the cube building for Project Server 2007 both to co-exist?  I would like my users to have access to both features.



  4. Hi Tricia,

    I think if you load the latest versions of the SQL Feature Pack then all will work together and the cube building will not break.  I will test this probably next week – as I don’t currently have the SharePoint add-in loaded – but I think this should work.  So SQL SP2 and the feature pack from February 2007 should have all the right versioned pieces (including the Sharepoint add-in).

    Best regards,


  5. Brian says:


    Where do I go to see if the SSRS add-in has been installed?


  6. Andy Neumann says:

    Hi Brian,

    Any update? Can you get both the SSRS plugin and the PS cube to work in the same environment? We’ve hit the same problem!



  7. Hi Andy,

    I haven’t tried this again recently – but if all components come from the same release this should no longer be an issue.  I’ll try and find time to test with the latest releases of all components.

    Best regards,


  8. DMax says:

    We have a 2-server farm – a MOSS 2007/Project Server 2007 machine, and a SQL 2005 (SP2) machine.

    I am getting the ActiveX error, but I don’t have this SSRS Add-in installed anywhere on the MOSS/Project server.  SSRS is installed on the SQL 2005 machine, though.  And SQL Management Objects is installed in both places.

    Still, Analysis Cubes cannot be built.

    I’ve posted before about not being able to build Analysis Cubes.  We’ve uninstalled, wiped clean, and reinstalled everything a few times.  Previously, I was using a named instance of SQL 2005 on the second machine.  Now, I have a different SQL machine, so I could install a default instance.  MOSS 2007 and Project Server 2007 seem to work okay otherwise.  But my boss says we need to build Analysis Cubes.

    Please help.

  9. Hi DMax – one scenario involves SSRS, but the basic issue is that all SQL components need to be at the same release level.

    Best regards,


  10. Tony says:

    Brian, it appears that this issue has resurfaced since the update to the SharePoint SRS Add-in in October. I haven’t found an updated component for the Management Objects to match the October 2008 release. Would you mind revisiting this to see if they can co-exist? The older SharePoint SRS Add-in is no longer available for download as near as I can tell.

  11. Hi Tony,

    Have you tried the very recently released December update for the SQL Server Feature pack?  If you have and it does not work then I’ll test it out.  New feature pack can be found at

    Best regards,


  12. Jon says:

    Hi Brian,

    We tried the December release and the problem still occurs.


  13. Don says:

    Is anyone using SQL 2008 as the backend? Between PerformancePoint and Project Server we have quite the mishmash of sql components that each server is happy with.  We still are unable to create the Cubes through project server due to the issues you have noted…

  14. Pietro says:

    I have "simply" installed this

    Before you need to install sql native client!

  15. Carl Dalton says:

    I am having exactly this issue in the following environment:-

    – SQL2008 backend including SQL RS and SQL AS

    – 1 App Server running SQL 2008 Reporting Services Addin for SharePoint

    – 1 WFE running the above package

    We have installed PS2007 on the App/Wfe appropriately, and were adding in the nativeclient, XMO and BC components onto the application server for CBS

    Problem started when we couldnt install XMO as "a higher version is already installed".  This higher version is due to the 2008 RS addin for sharepoint, but in this configuration we get the Unable to Create ActiveX component error in CBS. Uninstalling this component enables cube builds, reinstalling it breaks it again.

    Is there any supported configuration for running a SQL2008 backend with PS2007 and 2008 Reporting Services Addin for SharePoint running on the same app server?

  16. carl dalton says:

    so we resolved our particular issue of installing EPM & configuring CBS into an existing MOSS 2007 / SQL2008 / RS2008 environment where the RSaddin for SharePoint is installed….

    Installed SQL 2005 components from dec2005 feature pack on app server

    – Native client

    – Bacwards compatibility

    * note: Management Objects not installed due to SQL 2008 reporting services addon for sharepoint wouldn’t let it (Higher version already installed)

    Then we installed these bits on app server to get things working

    – SQL 2008 native client (needed as we got the issue "Cannot connect to Repository" when we only had the 2005 native client installed)

    – Xmo 2005 cu5 – to get around the previous issue noted re RSAddin

    … we went around the houses a few times to get to this end point.  Hope it helps someone else 🙂

  17. Gary Key says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! Have spent 10 hours today and came across your post, all working now !!!

    XMO Cumlative Update 5 (392285_intl_i386_zip) fixes the problem which is referenced here…/972694 ….. you will need to give your email address to get the download link and the file is password protected, which is in the email Microsoft send to you. The email only takes a few mins to come through.

    Good work Carl !!

  18. Mike A says:

    Question this resolution doesn't seem to apply to SQL Server 2005. Are you saying the only resolution is to upgrade to SQL Server 2008? Or not install SSRS if you want to build cubes? Can you please advise if SQL Server 2005 and Project Server 2007 (x64) can run both SSRS 2005 and Management Objects? The December 2008 feature pack will not allow both SSRS and XMO to be installed as they both say higher or lower versions of each are installed. Please help thanks!

  19. Hi Mike, You certainly should not need to upgrade to 2008 – it is just a case of finding the highest version of each of the components – which may now be beyond the December update listed in this article.  I don;t have a 2005 install currently to test on – but suspect that SP4…/details.aspx might give the right pieces for you.

    Best regards,


  20. Mike A says:

    Brian just wanna let you know that solved it I tried to post a detailed explanation but it never appeared.

    Want to let you know that MS site for MS SQL server 2005 seems outdated.(…/bb671253) when you go through the available options it says that Service pack 4 is not even available and the latest feature pack is december of 2008. Might behoove somebody to try and dive deeper into MS site because while MS site is rather large and by large I mean very large it is possible for information to conflict.

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