MAPI documentation got Revamped

If you are developer working on MAPI then here is the news:

MAPI documentation is revamped and republished on MSDN  

Welcome to the Outlook 2007 MAPI Reference

Angela also talked about it @

For what is new and what has changed visit:

What's New in This Edition 

And if you are looking for sample code related to MAPI then there is no better sample available than MFCMAPI.

MFCMAPI as a Code Sample

Also don't get confused with "MAPI Canonical Properties"

Because canonical properties are not real properties and are not defined in MAPI header files, you should NOT use canonical property names in code; instead, you should continue to use the exact MAPI property names in code.

Now, there are now close to 900 properties documented, including tagged properties and named properties. So let's explore...

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