Resources for development tests and hands on experience with Microsoft’s programming tools and technologies.

If you are looking for resources to test your development projects then read on... 

Run IT on a Virtual Hard Disk

You can now access the entire catalog of pre-configured Microsoft and partner products and solutions in the VHD format and start evaluating and testing today from

Using the power of virtualization, you can now use a series of pre-configured Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs). You can download the VHDs and evaluate them for free in your own environment without the need for dedicated servers or complex installations.

A virtualization product that supports the VHD format is required to use this virtual machine. Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Virtual Server are provided for free and can be used with these VHD based virtual machines.

Few of the VHD avalilables:

And if you are looking for some hands-on experience with Microsoft's programming tools and technologies then refer to the links below:

Welcome to TechNet Virtual Labs
Quickly evaluate and test Microsoft's newest server products through a series of guided, hands-on labs you can complete in 90 minutes or less.

MSDN Virtual Labs
These Virtual Labs for developers give you hands-on experience with Microsoft's programming tools and technologies.

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