Introduction to Iron Python at – PyDelhi, August 2016

Iron Python is a fast Python implementation for the CLI. In our recent meetup of Pydelhi I gave a crisp talk over what is Iron Python and how one can use an Iron python code in .net and vice versa; in fact one can integrate with any one of the CLI language implementations like C#, VB, J# ...

The code demos I used are in Github

in the repository there are 3 projects built using Iron Python, showcasing the interoperability using IronPython.

1.netClassLib - A C# class library project, that is referenced by the TestIronPython project
2.TestIronPython - An Iron Python project consuming the class library produced by the netClassLib
3.PytoDotNet - A C# project that references the IronPython libs, loads a given Python program using Python expressions or Python files with classes, and executes the given expression or creates an object for the given class in python and calls methods on it.

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