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The latest MOSS SDK is available for download!  Download it here: SharePoint Server 2007 SDK

It includes:

  • Documentation enhancements

  • Installation Improvements: It now allows you to install to the specified location (as opposed to the last hard drive it finds on your computer 馃檪 ) 

  • Offline Experience Improvements

  • New tools

    • Business Data Catalog Samples and Utilities

  • o   Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor

    o   Sample Pluggable SSO Provider

    o   WSHelloWorld Web Service

    o   WSOrders Web Service

    o   Excel Services User Defined Function Sample

    o   WSOrders Custom Proxy Sample

    o   Amazon Web Service Sample

    o   AdventureWorks Metadata Samples

    o   SAP Sample

             Document Management and Content Processing Samples

    o   Comment Scrub Document Converter

    o   Term Replacement Document Inspector

             Search Samples

    o   Sample Protocol Handler

    o   Custom Content Source

             Records Management and Policy Samples

    o   De-Duplication Router

    o   Document Integrity Verifier

    o   Records Center Web Service Console Application

    o   Search, Collect, and Hold Tool

    o   Sample Custom Barcode Generator

    o   IRM Document Protector

             Workflow Samples

    o   Custom Workflow Report Query Generator

    o   Custom Workflow Report XLSX Injector

    o   Visual Studio Workflow Templates

    o   Enterprise Content Management Workflow Activities

    o   List Item Activities

    o   Hello World Sequential Workflow

    o   State Based Approval Workflow

    o   Modification Workflow

    o   Replication and Contact Selector Workflow

    o   Intersystem Purchase Order

    o   Confidential Approval Workflow

    o   Group Approval Workflow

    o   Approval Workflow Sample

    o   Multi-Stage Workflow

    o   Server-side Collect Signatures Workflow

You can browse the SDK online through the following links:

         Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK

         Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK


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