Weekly Developer Show

Dan Fernandez recently joined our team to work with Jeff, Charles, and the rest of the Channel 9 / On10 / etc. crew. Shortly after joining the team Dan approached me about the idea of being his co-host for a weekly show covering what’s hot in developer news. For some reason which will remain a…


XNA: Enabling studios and publishers to develop better games

The past few months have been keeping me pretty busy, as you might discern from the lack of blog entries. That’s because after we shipped Visual Studio 2005 on November 7th I transferred into a new role at Microsoft. My new job is on the XNA team, which has me working in the Xbox group. It…


Coding4Fun Video on Channel9

Channel9 just posted a video interview of Dan Fernandez, Brian Keller, John Wingfield, and Andy Dunn from the Coding4Fun team showing off some coding projects from the site.


The Finalizer Case Study

Want to know more about how The Finalizer was built? In case you haven’t seen it, The Finalizer is a BattleBot which is controlled by a .NET Compact Framework application running on a Pocket PC, and it can even be driven remotely using an XBox controller! Now you can read more in a case study that was just published…


New Blog Flair Sighting!

The ZMan reports that Glenn on IRComm.net may have actually been the first Coding4Fun reader to post some flair. Thanks, Glenn!


Dystopia Demo Released to Rave Reviews!

Dystopia released their Half-Life 2 mod for download a couple of weeks ago and the response has been incredible! From Fuzzy:Our release weekend was huge, we’ve had over 100,000 downloads of the demo and we cracked a peak player count of 2000; higher than HL2DM! We’re currently vying for the number 6 most played Valve…


Board Game to Help Kids Learn Programming

Check out C-Jump. This is kind of like Chutes and Ladders – except that instead of Ladders, you have While loops, and instead of Chutes you have Goto’s. I wish we had this stuff when I was a kid! It would be great to see a C# or Visual Basic version of this as well. Maybe…


Programming video game "creature" AI

Chris Williams has written another great article based on his Heroic Adventure! role playing game. This one is about giving your creatures (non-player characters, monsters, animals, etc.) an artificial intelligence engine to make them appear lifelike during the game. He goes into an amazing level of detail regarding the various factors and traits you’ll want…


IDX3D Engine ported to C# 2.0

Alan Simes recently posted a fully C# version of Peter Walser’s original IDX3D engine. You can download it here – it was built with the beta of Visual C# 2005 so you can download Express and compile it, or run the .EXE included with Alan’s .ZIP to get a feel for the application. It’s very…



Check out the latest Visual Studio / SQL Server marketing video/interactive presentation – there’s not much “tech” here but the videos are actually pretty amusing. www.escapeyesterworld.com And if you’re interested in creating your own “Mystery Science Theater-Style videos” it looks like you can buy a lot of this old school B-movie footage for use in your…