RTM Version of Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine

The RTM version of the Visual Studio 2013 ALM virtual machine and hands-on-labs / demo scripts are now available! You can also find a consolidated list of all of the ALM virtual machines here: https://aka.ms/ALMVMs. Enjoy!


Fix for InRelease Preview Hands-on-Lab

Updated November 26, 2013: This blog post is obsolete now. The fix referenced below has been resolved in the RTM version of the Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine. I have received several reports from people about the InRelease Preview Hands-on-Lab I published as part of the Visual Studio 2013 Preview ALM Virtual Machine not…


New Lab: Agile Planning and Portfolio Management with Team Foundation Server 2013

When we shipped the Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine earlier this month we were still in the process of finalizing one of the hands-on-labs / demo scripts. This work is done and you can now access Agile Planning and Portfolio Management with Team Foundation Server 2013. If you are not yet familiar with the…


Register Now For Team Foundation Server 2013 Upgrade Weekend

In my job, I get talk to people every day who are excited about the new and improved capabilities of Team Foundation Server 2013. I have talked to several organizations who are already running Team Foundation Server 2013 Preview in production, which is great. But for some organizations, upgrading to pre-release software on their production…


Visual Studio 2013 Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Machine and Hands-on-Labs / Demo Scripts

September 19, 2014 Update: The VM and corresponding hands-on-lab / demo scripts were updated to Visual Studio 2013 Update 3. This includes several fit and finish releases across the hands-on-lab /demo scripts in addition to several improvements in the underlying virtual machine itself (including an upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2). A detailed changelog is…


New ALM Partner Hands-on-Labs: inteGREAT

I am frequently asked how to perform formal requirements management with Team Foundation Server. There are a few partners who provide solutions in this space which integrate directly with Team Foundation Server. inteGREAT by eDev Technologies has been the most popular with my customers. They provide a great set of requirements management solutions which are…


Video: Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2013

Yesterday at TechEd North America we announced that Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 will be shipping later this year. A preview will be available on June 26, and that preview will have a “go live” license so that you can use it in production if you’d like. Brian Harry posted a nice…


List of all Visual Studio ALM Virtual Machines

Given the growing list of virtual machines we have published to showcase various application lifecycle management scenarios, I created this blog post to be a permanent location you can bookmark any time you want to find the latest and greatest. An easy-to-remember URL for this page is https://aka.ms/ALMVMs. Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 ALM Virtual…


Team Foundation Server 2012 and Project Server 2013 Integration Virtual Machine and Hands-on-Labs / Demo Scripts

9/29/2016 Update: Please note that Microsoft’s integration of Team Foundation Server / Project Server has been discontinued. The content of this post is provided “as is” for teams who wish to continue to use this integration with previous releases, but starting with the next major release of Team Foundation Server after TFS 2015, this integration…